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[How to cut Pleurotus eryngii]_How to cut_Method

[How to cut Pleurotus eryngii]_How to cut_Method

Pleurotus eryngii is rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. It is not only high in nutritional value, but also quite good in taste.

Regularly eating Pleurotus eryngii is very good for our health, it can axially fight cancer, lower blood fat, and moisturize the stomach and intestines.

However, if you are new to Pleurotus eryngii, special dimensions may make it more difficult to manufacture.

So, what is the cut of Pleurotus eryngii?

Let’s take a look below.

Pleurotus eryngii is rich in fiber and has different cutting methods according to different cooking methods. You can follow the steps to try it out.

Fragrant roasting: use a knife to cut in half for those who like chewy texture, you can directly roast the whole, but it is recommended that you can use a kitchen knife to cut in half, so that it can be re-cooked, and barbecue sauce can be more delicious.

How to cut and cut Pleurotus eryngii Mushroom soup or porridge: cut into irregular small Ding shape Because it is to be cooked with soup soup, it is recommended to cut into small Ding shape to restore the sweetness of mushrooms and increaseHow delicious the soup is.

How to cut and cut Pleurotus eryngii. Method of fast frying: Directly aiming at tearing and tearing is the method of rotation speed. Because the fire is frying fast, the speed can be increased by directly tearing into strips.delicious.

How to cut and cut Pleurotus eryngii Pleurotus eryngii method 4: remove the head, remove the slender tail, cut into slices, and the thickness is about 1 yuan.

Pleurotus eryngii cutting method 5: hob dicing.

Cut the Pleurotus eryngii with a kitchen knife, so the fried chives are delicious!

Pleurotus eryngii cutting method 6: cut into strips.

The mushroom meat of Pleurotus eryngii is very thick, so even when it is cut into strips, it still has a good taste, and it is not afraid to rot during cooking.

Cut the Pleurotus eryngii into 5mm wide strips with a knife, then stir-fry with a variety of meats. Very delicious.

Shelf life: Mushrooms should be refrigerated at 2 ° C?
Within 5 degrees, it should be stored in the refrigerator immediately after purchase. Pleurotus eryngii can be stored for a long time in the mushrooms. It can be refrigerated for about 10 days, but if yellowing or mucus is found during the period, it indicates that it has deteriorated.Just throw it away.

[How to make fried rice with ham and egg]_ Common practice of fried rice with ham and egg _ How to make fried rice with ham and egg _ How to make fried rice with ham and egg

[How to make fried rice with ham and egg]_ Common practice of fried rice with ham and egg _ How to make fried rice with ham and egg _ How to make fried rice with ham and egg

We sometimes find that there are always a few people around me who like cooking, and regard cooking as a hobby of their own. Each dish is a successful work of our own. We should not always envy the talents of others, but we can actually learn, The following is the introduction of miscellaneous vegetables, ham and egg fried rice.

1 Diced ham sausage, chopped shallots and chopped green onions for later use; egg into half-toned rice wine, half-toned water, and 4 or 5 drops of vinegar to break into egg liquid.


2 Diced cucumber, onion, bell pepper.


Heat the pan with cold oil. Pour the oil into the egg mixture and stir-fry until cooked.


Leave the base oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, add diced ham, diced cucumber, diced onion, and bell peppers and fry until the vegetables are broken.


Stir in rice and stir in eggs.


Add salt, turn off the heat and add the shallots and chicken.

During the period, there are many opportunities to visit relatives and friends. If you can cook mixed vegetables, ham, egg and fried rice by yourself, can you “show off” in front of relatives and friends?

Think of yourself being happy.

[How to pickled duck eggs with oil and not salty_How to pickled duck eggs with more oil_How to flood duck eggs with delicious and oily]

[How to pickled duck eggs with oil and not salty_How to pickled duck eggs with more oil_How to flood duck eggs with delicious and oily]

Although in many people’s eyes, pickling salted duck eggs is a very simple matter, but when pickling salted duck eggs, pay attention to the time and method of pickling, otherwise the salted duck eggs will not be too salty or will not run out of oil.

Because the salted duck egg yolk is an important indicator of the quality of the salted duck egg, if the egg yolk shows oil and is not too salty, it indicates that the salted duck egg has been marinated successfully.

And when pickling salted duck eggs, how should I pickle so as not to be too salty and oily?

Salted duck egg oiling method Ingredients: Fresh duck egg 20?
25 pieces, half a cup of rice wine (about 150ml) Steps: 1. Pour the salt into the boiled water and stir for about 2 minutes before turning off (the salt cannot be fully dissolved).

2. After the salt water is fully cooled (preferably overnight), pour the salt water and the insoluble salt at the bottom of the salt water into about 5 liter glass jars.Taste) Taste) 3. Put the washed duck eggs (if the duck eggs are dirty) one by one into the oven.

Duck eggs are washed under running water. Do not soak duck eggs in water!

4. Put 2 plastic powders on the top of the duck eggs (such as the plastic cover on the milk powder tank) and press a small glass to prevent the duck eggs from coming out of the water.

5. Place 21?
30 days.

(The longer you put it, the more salty the egg becomes.

But don’t exceed 30 days, otherwise the yolk will harden and become super salty) Pick up the salted duck eggs that can’t be eaten, and put them in a fresh-keeping box to keep them refrigerated.

Only need to boil when boiling, turn to low heat, soak salted duck eggs in slightly boiling boiling water for 20 minutes and accept.

Precautions for pickled salted duck eggs 1. Putting white wine is the key to extra oil in salted duck eggs. Do not forget.

Because white wine can accelerate the coagulation of the protein in the egg, and squeeze out the oil in the egg yolk.

The degree of liquor is better.

Wine made from pure grain.

If you want more egg yolk oil, you can add more liquor.

2. Another key is that no water or oil can be seen in the whole process, so the jars and tools used for the installation must be fully washed and dried.

The pickled salted duck eggs are easily spoiled when stained with raw water and oil.

3. After the duck eggs are cleaned gently, wipe off the water.

Or when washing duck eggs, you can use a brush to clean the dirt on the duck eggs, and then rinse with water repeatedly to remove bacteria in the egg holes.

Blow or dry thoroughly in a basin or dish under ventilation or sunlight.

Be sure to dry thoroughly.

4, the altar must be closed tightly.

If someone uses a plastic bag, you need to tie the bag tightly, and tie a few more bags outside to ensure good sealing.

5. The amount of salt in salted duck eggs and the amount of water are not strictly required. As long as you use saturated brine, you can slowly add salt by yourself until the salt cannot be dissolved.

6. Determine the pickling time according to your own expectations. In the prescribed time, the shorter the sugar core, the thinner it is, and vice versa, the harder it is.

Another one who wants to eat a lighter taste will be fine for twenty days, and one who wants to eat a little salty will be around 3040 days.

But from a health point of view, it’s still a bit better.

SAIC Group (600104): Independent production and sales continued to release positive signals to Volkswagen many times.

SAIC Group (600104): Independent production and sales continued to release 南京夜网 positive signals to Volkswagen many times.

Event SAIC Group released its November production and sales report, and the company’s output in November was 60.

890,000 vehicles, an increase of 0 in ten years.

99%, an increase of 4 from the previous month.

08%, cumulative output from January to November was 554.

30,000 vehicles, with a gradual reduction of 12.


November sales of 58.

190,000 units, a decrease of 9 a year.

58%, an increase of 6 from the previous month.

90%, cumulative sales of 554 from January to November.

30,000 vehicles, with a gradual reduction of 13.


  Brief comment on the monthly production and sales continued to pick up, the recovery trend of sales gradually shows that the company’s November production of 60.

890,000 vehicles, an increase of 0 in ten years.

99%, an increase of 4 from the previous month.

08%, the monthly output continued to show a good growth trend; from January to November, the incremental crop was 554.

30,000 vehicles, with a gradual reduction of 12.


November sales of 58.

190,000 units, a decrease of 9 a year.

58%, an increase of 6 from the previous month.

90%, monthly sales ended the trend of gradual recovery; January to November cumulative sales were 554.

30,000 vehicles, with a gradual reduction of 13.


  Volkswagen sales are corrected for the first time each year, and GM products are being replaced, waiting for continuous improvement of SAIC Volkswagen’s November output.

860,000 vehicles, a decrease of 4 each year.

34%, a decrease of -0.


  November sales of 20.

690,000 vehicles, an increase of 4 per year.

28%, an increase of 22 from the previous month.

79%, the monthly sales volume increased significantly.

SAIC-GM produced 13 in November.

480,000 vehicles, a decrease of 26 a year.

88%, an increase of 9 from the previous month.

47%, the monthly growth rate of monthly crops rebounded.

November sales were 11.

930,000 vehicles, a decrease of 33 a year.96%, a decrease of 12 from the previous month.

80%, GM’s sales continued to decline this month, and the same month-on-month growth rate has continued to change since September. As a result, the overall brand is still in the product adjustment period, and new and old products have a 四川耍耍网 significant impact on sales.

  GM Wuling’s recovery situation is remarkable, and the production and sales of independent brands continue to improve. SAIC-GM-Wuling’s output in November was 17.

730,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 26.

66%, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

95%, 16 sales in November.

One million vehicles, a decrease of 11 per year.

11%, an increase of 6 from the previous month.

67%, monthly sales continued to grow for five consecutive months, GM Wuling recovery situation is obvious.

SAIC’s passenger car output was 7 in November.

640,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 23.

49%, an increase of 4 from the previous month.

87%, monthly output continued to maintain steady growth.

November sales of 6.

350,000 vehicles, an increase of 0 in ten years.

84%, an increase of 4 from the previous month.

98%, monthly sales continued to grow steadily.

  The inventory forecast index continues to decline, and industry sales are expected to continue to recover. The November auto dealers inventory forecast index is 62.

5%, a month-on-month increase of 0.

1 average, falling by 12 every year.

Six quantities, the inventory forecast index will continue to decline, but it is still significantly higher than the alert level, in essence, during the “Double 11” period, driving passenger flow to increase sales, some regions have large-scale auto shows, increasing car purchase demand.

However, some manufacturers have an impulse at the end of the year, increasing the number of dealer tasks, and the pressure of demand in the terminal market still exists.

According to the weekly sales data of the Federation, the retail sales in the fourth week of November averaged 12 per day.

60,000 units, the previous growth rate of 20%, significantly higher than the same period.

In general, the rebound of auto market sales will continue, and it is expected that the overall industry sales decline will continue to narrow.

  Investment suggestions The weak recovery of the auto industry in November continues, and it is expected that the auto market sales will eventually turn positive.

As the industry leader, the company’s independent brands perform better, and sales of joint-venture brands have continued to improve.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 2 in 2019-2021.

60, 2.

85, 3.

06 yuan, corresponding to PE 9, 9, 8 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

  Risks suggest macroeconomic downside risks; terminal demand recovery is not up to expectations; trade conflicts exacerbate risks

Depth-Company-Kelley Ying (002821): Q1 improved and improved performance, high-growth internal brighter performance can be expected

Depth * Company * Kelley Ying (002821): Q1 improved performance and high-growth internal brighter performance can be expected

The company released the first quarter report of 2019: Reported integration to achieve revenue4.

7.6 billion (+31.

03%), net profit attributable to mother 0.

9.2 billion (+45.

00%), deduct non-attributed net profit of 0.

8 billion (+51.

87%), the profit margin far exceeds the average annual growth rate.

At the same time, a semi-annual performance forecast was issued: net profit attributable to mothers.


4.3 billion (+ 35%?

The company has abundant project echelon reserves and optimized customer structure, benefiting from the rapid growth of domestic industrial development and overseas capacity undertaking performance, and the gradual increase in the domestic market and more commercialized projects has brought huge space and greater flexibility.

It is expected that the carry-on commercialization order volume is expected to be better.

Maintain Buy rating and continue to recommend.

Key points of support level The company’s Q1 return to its parent net profit increased by 45%, and Q2’s growth range was 28.


8% (median 45%), maintaining rapid growth.

Considering the positive effects of exchange related exchanges in the first quarter (18Q1 exchange losses of more than 40 million; 19Q1 approximately 10 million, and 12.6 million forward exchange sales and investment income), the actual endogenous growth in the second quarter is higher.
The company’s heavy products and domestic commercial orders have gradually begun to increase volume, and it is expected that the contribution will be more significant in the second half of the year. Therefore, the performance can be expected to perform better.

Net profit for the first quarter 19.

32%, an increase of 4 over the same period last year.

91 single, profitability has improved significantly.

Gross profit margin 44.

24%, a decrease of 5 per year.

56pp, down 2 from the previous month.

26pp, preliminary: 1) Some of the raw materials for commercial orders are imported overseas, and the gross profit margin has decreased for self-supplied products.

2) Changes in business structure: Domestic businesses such as clinical and CRO are still in the early stages of development. Expenditures such as manpower and capital have lowered gross profit margins.

3) The capacity reform and the maximization of new capacity have been completely released and are gradually being improved.

With the gradual improvement of the company’s raw material supply system, the gradual release of production capacity, the technological transformation to reduce costs, and the gradual growth of incremental business, the level of gross profit will rise steadily.

In terms of expense ratio: the increase in expense ratio during the period significantly decreased.

02pp to 25.


This is mainly due to the actual narrowing of exchange losses in the current period and the reduction of financial expense ratio by nearly 10 points.

Due to the continuous expansion of staff in the new business team and the continuous expansion of the company’s R & D expansion, the management expense ratio rose slightly by nearly 1 to 19.


Selling expense ratio 3.

45% is basically the same as the same period last year.
It is estimated that 南京桑拿网 the company, as a domestic leader in CDMO, benefits from the domestic encouragement of technological innovation and the transfer of overseas production capacity to maintain high growth, and its technological advantages are obvious. Projects in the new stage of commercialization have gradually increased the volume to promote accelerated growth.

We expect the company’s revenue growth rate to be more than 30% in 19-21 and net profit to be 5 respectively.


48 ppm, EPS is 2 respectively.



11 yuan, corresponding to a price-earnings ratio of 37.



8 times, maintain Buy rating and continue to recommend.

The main risks faced by ratings are the risks that downstream customer sales or supply demand exceeds expectations; the risk of rising raw material costs, the risk of exchange rate 北京桑拿洗浴保健 changes; and the risk of slower than expected domestic market development.

Tianci Materials (002709): The coal leader will start again and the performance is expected to return to the road of growth

Tianci Materials (002709): The coal leader will start again and the performance is expected to return to the road of growth

Fluoride prices rebounded, and the marginal improvement of lithium hexafluorophosphate suppliers improved the core competitiveness to a large extent, mainly reflected in process control, formulation technology and cost control.

Due to the high energy density and long range mileage, the development of high-nickel batteries has been promoted, and the molecular weight formula defects are increasing. New lithium batteries and additives have promoted volume barriers, bargaining power, and profitability.

The excess of the hydrocarbon industry has shown a greater demand for coal in the long term. Changes in the price of raw materials have become the main factor in price fluctuations. In the second half of 2018, due to the increase in solvent prices, the price of gasoline rebounded, driving the recovery of carbide gross profit.; Margin of supply and 北京夜生活网 demand of lithium hexafluorophosphate improved, driving the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate to stabilize and rise since 2019.

After the price war in the first half of 2018, after a price war, the market structure became increasingly clear, gradually replacing low-price competition strategies, and shifting to sustainable and orderly competition.

Deeply lay out the lithium-ion material industry chain and build a fine chemical recycling system. The company has built a vertically integrated industry chain with 1.

4 Initial lithium hexafluorophosphate production capacity (consolidated). After the company’s lithium hexafluorophosphate layout is initially completed, we expect the company’s lithium hexafluorophosphate to basically achieve self-supply in 2019.

In addition to the outer layer of lithium hexafluorophosphate, the company also arranges lithium ore beneficiation, lithium carbonate, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen fluoride, sulfuric acid and other upstream conversions. At present, the company has formed a “lithium carbonate-lithium hexafluorophosphate-oxide” layout, and has also opened up “lithium carbonate-The iron phosphate-lithium iron phosphate industry chain has formed a horizontal layout of “shorter length materials” and promoted the platformization strategy of lithium battery materials.

The company has core lithium salt technology, additive technology, a more comprehensive core raw material and recycling industry layout, and high-quality customers. It will enjoy the benefits of lithium battery development in the future.

Daily chemical materials product strategy + marketing strategy dual upgrades, contributing new momentum for growth From the perspective of product strategy, the company’s daily chemical business in 2018 focused on high-margin products’ strategy. Initial results have been achieved. Under the condition of ensuring sales growth, daily chemical gross margin has beenReturn to historical normal levels.

From the perspective of marketing strategy, the company is good at leading the sales strategy of formula application services in the cosmetics field. The company’s recognition in the cosmetics material industry has been improved, and it has gradually been recognized by the international market. It has been verified by more than ten major regional customers.Potential basis for increasing relative market share in 2019.

In the future, the company will continue to take technical services as a guide to promote the market share of local brands in key countries and increase the technological influence of the industry.

For the first time, the company with a “recommended” rating is a cobalt leader, which has both cost and technical advantages, benefiting from the price increase of lithium hexafluorophosphate.

We expect the company’s 2018-2020 net profit to be 4 respectively.

59, 2.

64 and 5.

1.1 billion.

The current contradictions correspond to 23, 40 and 21 times the PE in 2018-2020.

The first coverage was given a “Recommended” rating.

Risk reminder: risks of changes in new energy vehicle policies, pricing risks, and project advances are less than expected.

Sexual life of beautiful women is more prone to detune

Sexual life of beautiful women is more prone to detune

The important reason for the high proportion of beautiful women with sexual misconduct is due to psychological imbalances in marriage.

Because of their natural beauty, they are particularly sensitive to marriage, love, and their beauty. Some small things that others consider to be trivial will also set off a tide in their hearts and affect their sexual life.

It is mainly manifested in the following five aspects: 1. Passive marriage: In the real life where rights and material are higher than love, pretty women or seek power, or covet love, and voluntarily or involuntarily marry someone they do not like.
Insufficient sexual life during the honeymoon may be harmonious due to physiological needs, but the shift of time shifts, sexual life is often affected or influenced by power and money.

Marriage without love, gradually awaken these women, re-understand the dignity of self and women, under the transfer of unbearable and must tolerate this passive marriage, leading to psychological imbalance in the contradiction between physical needs and love needs, making sexualPsychological imbalances also appear.

  Second, sexual harassment: beauty is common to all, beautiful women are easy to be the target of men chasing, some people with bad thinking and moral corruption, seeing beautiful women like crazy bees and butterflies, excessive harassment on them, So that they will have a sense of alertness to men, even if they are having sex with her favorite husband, they may have sexual unbalance due to subconscious suddenness.

Moreover, the chances of beautiful women being sexually raped worsen. Once “lost” or humiliated, the injured heart is difficult to heal, and the guilt that is suppressed in the heart is often fully reflected in sexual life.

The sexual apathy caused by these situations often causes the husband to feel inexplicable, which causes suspicion and depression, which in turn deepens the sexual apathy of women.

  Third, fear of pregnancy, pregnancy: Although good shape is cherished by beautiful women, pregnancy, fertility changes caused by body shape is an alternative fact.

Because of her particular fear of pregnancy, she was nervous about her sexual life. She often avoided taboos and often caused them to detune in sex.

Especially those women who have become pregnant due to the failure of contraception and take precautionary measures will have a fear of pregnancy for a long period of time, and therefore emotional fluctuations in sexual life, which will greatly affect the quality of sexual life.

_China Sexual Health Network Fourth, fear of damaging the face: fatigue after sex, and some kind of prejudice against sex, make them afraid of whether sexual life will affect their appearance.

They will think that the labor in sex life and the fatigue after sex life are the same as the physical beauty affecting the beauty, so they should restrain their sex life.

In fact, normal sexual life, instead of increasing skin wrinkles, will promote female estrogen secretion, increase skin elasticity and maintain beauty.

The pleasure brought by normal sex life, the change of psychology is maintained in a good state, and women with harmonious family and harmonious sex life are often not prone to aging.

  Fifth, sexual expectations are too high: beautiful women are often complimented and easily accepted by others.

Therefore, they usually do things smoothly, have higher expectations for various things, and get better results.

Even if Ruyi Langjun is found, her husband is more concerned about her. However, due to the special nature of sex and many unpredictable problems, such as the other party’s entertainment, work fatigue, poor constitution, mood swings, illness, etc.,Sometimes it is difficult to meet the requirements of women in sex.

A certain failure of sexual life led to these women not only from the perspective of paying attention to each other, but on the same material and spiritual life requirements, all with high standards, thus feeling aggrieved.

This psychological accumulation of emotions, although it won’t affect the couple’s feelings very quickly, will plant the root of future sexual mismatches.

The higher the sexual expectation value, the more prone to sexual apathy, especially when beautiful women are in good times.

24 psychological common sense to purify the mind

24 psychological common sense to purify the mind

If you are not happy, you can try to find your own interests; If you are still not happy, you can go to the beach and yell a few times, or talk to your concierge; If you feel inexplicably tired, then pay attention to sleep and rest, don’tThink too much and increase the amount of social activity; If you feel very irritable, you need to calm down, and then look at and solve the problem with a natural attitude, it is best not to look down; If you have been numb, and found nothing to cause youWhen you ‘re interested, do n’t prevent you from going to the park or the sea. As long as the ground is open enough, go for a walk and relax, believing that nature is the best “flirt”; If you feel that the nameless anger is burning yourself, thenMay wish to do a sport you like, when the “sweat” is blown away by the wind, your “anger” will get the whole body cool and happy; If you are sad, please don’t forget those who have suffered more than you,It also does not prevent you from watching some emotional or serial dramas or documentaries, so that your sadness “accumulates” into tears, and your emotions will be released accordingly.放Come out; If you are happy, then please do n’t forget to share it with others, because only the happiness you share can maximize your happiness; If you feel inexplicable, you will always be emotionally disturbed and do some non-selfPlease stop your mind for a long time, you can take a holiday appropriately and let yourself feel free to do it all the time; If you feel tired easily, then it is best to go to the hospital for a personal examination. Is there something wrong with your body and youIf you don’t notice it, or you can register for a psychological forum ID yourself, you can consult for free; If you feel very depressed, then you might as well ask a friend of three or five to go to the lively place; If you want to talk, but find the newsletter againRecording, if you find that there is no one to chat with, you may wish to write down what you want to say, or submit it, or upload it online; If you really want to go out and play, but are struggling to find the right person to accompany, then it does not prevent you from reporting to the localActivity center, everyday life is not much more colorful; If you are lostWhen you are at a loss, you do n’t have to do anything. It ‘s okay to consult with relevant experienced people. After all, most of the “information from previous cars” is of reference value. If you are full of doubt, reality andWhen your imagination is very different, you may wish to calm down and take a closer look at yourself. What is the best way to do it? And you must be good at accepting the reality and only respond to external changes quickly. In this competitive world,You can become a strong person; If you have difficulties, grievances, and uncomfortable moods, don’t swallow, you must know to ask others for help, ask or ask others; If you are lying in bed, you always like to think wildly and can’t control, you might as wellRelax yourself and carry on with your own thinking. This may be the beginning of a dream. If you see something you like and want to buy but take into account the price, please let go of your concerns. Money can be earned later, but likeIf you miss something again, I ‘m afraid it ‘s hard to recover; If you encounter something with uncertainty, please do n’t easily下Objects, such as the evaluation of people just met, the critical moment of decision-making, please do not impulse, the saying goes, the impulse is the devil.

Don’t make a conclusion about something that has no results. It is just another new type of research invention. Only through continuous practice can it prove its practicality and be put on the market. If you are a perfectionist, please treat yourself well., Because it is impossible to be so perfect, if you blindly pursue perfection, it is difficult for yourself; If you are a stubborn willer, a swinger, and you face the temptation, you ‘d better ask “What do you want?”, Then the other things are too stale, it is not enough to seduce you; If you are a net worm, please “quit the net”, although it will be difficult at first, but slowly, you can gradually increase your ownThe amount of social activity, so that it is not difficult to divert attention.

You will find that the real world is more diverse and colorful than the Internet.

  If you are a liar, then please pay attention to “the story of the wolf and the hunter”. It takes three days to lie and become addicted. Such dishonest people are far from enough in society.

So in general, you still have to be honest and treat people with sincerity; If you are a person who easily blushes when you see the opposite sex, or a person who is shy when it comes to some sensitive topics, then the psychology of such people is also closedTherefore, you should make more contact with friends, so that you can make friends in different personalities, such as fish and water, easily; If you want to become a “thousands of people”, you may wish to find your most lovely place or the most attractivePlace, vigorously carry forward, and dare to show yourself in public; If you are easy to worry, this is one of the reasons that make people easy to get old, and the only way is to experience more things, and only after more experience, talent will become calm and stable,Playing at the right time is one of the ways to relieve mental stress. It is also continuous learning. The so-called “live to old, learn old” is not unreasonable.

In addition to mastering more knowledge and skills, more is to cultivate personal sentiment, keep your personal connotation constantly rich, and delay the aging of your “inner world”.

The secret of longevity

The secret of longevity

Healthy longevity is the common aspiration of every individual.

But what can we do to achieve this goal?

The World Health Organization believes that whether humans are healthy and long-lived, 60% should have a healthy lifestyle.

I recommend you the eight-character formula of TCM for health, that is, “childlike mind, ant food, turtle desire, monkey walk”, and share the secret of longevity with you.

  childlike innocence.

Is to have a child-like mental state, vibrant.

This is a good way to raise your soul.

There are two points to maintaining childlike innocence: first, innocence, no fraud, no fights, no fights, no gains.

The second is simple, skeptical, beautiful, happy and contented.

  Ant food.

Ants have two connotations: one is like an ant, which eats less and eats less, that is, eats less; the second is like an ant, eats everything, that is, eats more.

As long as the food is harmless to the human body, there is no need to be excessively cold, hot, fine, fine and delicious.

Hygiene is of course, but it doesn’t have to be unnecessarily harsh.

  Turtle desire.

Turtles are considered a symbol of auspiciousness for their long life.

For people, what deserves attention is its indisputable mind and indifferent despair.

In the face of righteousness and righteousness, you must not be a tortoise. However, for general problems, when learning tortoises, use static braking and keep changing.

  Monkey line.

Monkeys are quick-thinking, lively, brisk, and energetic and energetic all day long.

The strengths of monkeys are twofold. One is that they are hyperactive. This does not necessarily mean running and punching. They usually try to take less cars, lifts, and walk mainly to achieve exercise.

Second, habituation.

Frequently focus on the body (body), and habitually focus on the mind (mind).

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Tobacco: According to analysis, tobacco contains about 1,200 compounds, most of which are toxic to the human body, especially nicotine, which is particularly harmful.

The nicotine in a cigarette can poison a mouse, and the nicotine in 20 cigarettes can poison a cow.


Wine: There are some benefits.

But speaking to those who ca n’t live without it in one day is also one of the chronic suicides.

“Gu Songyuan Medical Mirror”: “Smoke is the hottest heat, wine is the most hot and humid . It can hurt the yin, and it is not available.”

In ancient times, two enemies had been seen.


Drug abuse: For people, medicine is a cure, first aid, not a health product.

All medicines with minor illnesses, medicines with superficial illnesses, and medicines without diseases are harmful and unhelpful.

Weight loss balance exercise

Weight loss balance exercise

Practicing balance exercises can improve the brain’s ability to balance organs, keep fit, and lose weight.

  The method is as follows.

  (1) Lifting the legs to balance ① Prepare the front legs for balance: Put your legs together and bend your knees to squat.

Stretch your arms forward and bend your elbows.

The left palm is down, the palm is up, and the right fist hits the left palm.

Visual right fist.

  Orthodoxy exercises: Straighten the left foot straight and support it stably, bend the right leg and lift the knee, straighten the feet, and quickly lift up and forward the body, straighten the legs, and straighten the feet above the shoulders.

Lift your leg close to your upper body.

The right fist becomes palm, the arm rotates inwardly to the right back side, and the palm swings backwards. The palm is backward; the left arm rotates inward, the left palm is curved to the top of the head and the palm of the straight arm shines brightly.

  ② Prepare for the sky pedal: Straighten the right leg to support it, bend the left leg to raise the knee, and hold the left heel with your left hand.

Look in front of the body.

  Orthodoxy exercises: Connect the movements, move your left arm with your elbows bent and lift your feet upwards, straighten your left leg, hook your left toe, and point your toes to the right.

Upper body integrity.

Look ahead.

  (2) Half-squat balance preparation: Stand with your feet on your left and right sides, hold your elbows with both fists, and look ahead.

  Orthodoxy exercises: Connect the movements and bend your right leg to support the squat.

Lift your left leg with your knees bent, your toes hooked to the right knee socket, and your toes point to the right.

Body leans slightly to the right.

At the same time, the right fist changed palm, pushed out to the right standing palm, Lida aligned his little finger.

Turn the left arm inward, lift it upwards and upwards, bend the top elbow of the arm, reach the tip of the elbow, and look in the direction of the right palm.

  The above two types of balance exercises should be practiced once a day for about 3 minutes each time. Persistence in exercise can achieve the purpose of bodybuilding.

  The main points of balance exercise: (1) Persist in regular practice before it can be effective.

  (2) Do the action thoroughly, and do it according to each action.

The only way to achieve fitness.