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[How to make Japanese cuisine in front of Chikuzen]_Home cooking in Japanese cuisine

[How to make Japanese cuisine in front of Chikuzen]_Home cooking in Japanese cuisine

Nowadays, life and work are busy and stressful. Many people do not pay attention to the regularity in diet, which will cause various diseases. Mastering the healthy practices of one or two dishes, you can not only enjoy the deliciousness, but also supplement the body’s nutrition.Better health.

Let ‘s learn how to cook Japanese cuisine with Xiaobian1.

Cook the whole konjac in hot water for 3 minutes and cut into appropriate size 3.

Cut the chicken into the appropriate size and stir-fry in a heated skillet until the surface is golden 4.

Then add 1 and 2 and stir fry the mushrooms 5.

Then add the seasoning in B and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Use a mesh sieve to collect the float on the way, add beans 7 3 minutes before the ceasefire.

When you save a small amount of juice, you can set the plate when you stop the fire. After reading Xiaobian’s detailed analysis of Japanese cuisine, I think you know it.

But if you want to make it delicious and delicious, then it’s up to you.

Everyone’s ability to understand recipes is different, so the taste of the dishes made is naturally different.

[Seven baseball month baby food supplement recipe]_ food supplement recipe _ baby _ how to do

[Seven baseball month baby food supplement recipe]_ food supplement recipe _ baby _ how to do

In July, babies, in fact, nutritional supplements can be said to be very important, because at this time it is time to wean, so pay attention to food selection when adding complementary foods, vegetable beef porridge, tofu porridge, and egg porridgeWait, these are not conducive to the baby’s digestion, and are also better for nutrient absorption.

1. Vegetable beef porridge ingredients: 40 grams of beef, 1/4 bowl of rice, 1 spinach, 1/2 cup of broth, 1/5 of potatoes, carrots, onions, several methods of salt: 1. Prepare beef meat and grind itbroken.

2. Cook and mash the spinach, carrot, onion, and potatoes.

3. Put rice, vegetables and minced meat in a pot and season with salt.

2. Tofu porridge ingredients: 1/6 bowl of rice, 1/2 cup of broth, 1/10 pieces of tofu, several methods of salt: 1. Cut the tofu into small pieces.

2. Put rice, broth and tofu in the pot and cook together.

3. Add the right amount of salt to taste when it is cooked until it is thick.

3, egg porridge ingredients: 1/2 eggs, 1/5 carrots, 1 spinach, 1/4 bowl of rice, 1/2 cup of broth, several methods of salt: 1, stewed carrots and spinach and chopped.
2. Pour rice, broth and chopped carrots and spinach into the pot and cook.

3. Add the pounded egg paste and stir after boiling. Season with salt.

4. Vegetable fish porridge ingredients: 30 grams of fish white meat, 1/5 carrots, 1/2 cup of seaweed broth, 20 grams of radishes, several soy sauces, 1/4 bowl of rice Method: 1, pick out fish bones, fish stewCook and mash.
2. Wipe the carrots and carrots with a cutting board.

3. Pour rice, kelp broth, fish, vegetables, etc. into the pot and cook.

4. Add soy sauce when seasoning until thick.

Tesla’s cobalt-free batteries with fire lithium iron phosphate related sectors rose sharply

Tesla’s “cobalt-free batteries” with fire lithium iron phosphate related sectors rose sharply

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  Original title: Tesla’s “cobalt-free batteries” with fire lithium iron phosphate related sectors soared Source: Cais Tesla once again confirmed its influence as an industry leader.

Ningde era (300750.

(SZ) said on February 20 that the company and Tesla had already advanced the pricing agreement for mass production and supply, supplying lithium-ion power batteries to the chassis.

  Although the two sides have not announced whether the agreement specifically refers to “cobalt-free batteries”, the relevant sectors have responded.

Industry experts said that through technological innovation, lithium iron phosphate power batteries have shown a wide range of application scenarios, sharing the strength of the power battery market with ternary lithium technology.

  Tesla reduced the cost of rotating power batteries. After Tesla and Ningde Times discussed the development of a “cobalt-free battery”, targeted experts pointed out that the so-called “cobalt-free battery” is actually a lithium iron phosphate battery.

  CITIC Securities believes that, given the military Ningde era ‘s openness in the CTP (Cell to Pack) technology field and cost advantages, and Tesla ‘s own cost reduction requirements for the Model 3, the so-called “cobalt-free battery”
should be a lithium iron phosphate CTP battery.
  ”Although the energy density of power batteries using this technology is not as good as that of ternary lithium batteries, they have a conduction advantage in cost.

“Some industry analysts said that reducing costs is an important driver of Tesla’s shift to lithium iron phosphate technology.

  Due to the use of precious metals, the cost of lithium iron phosphate cells is about 25% lower than that of ternary lithium cells.

Guojun New Energy analysis pointed out that the current price of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 0.

65 yuan / Wh, far lower than the ternary lithium battery 0.

85 yuan / Wh cost price.

  Tesla’s recently released 2019 financial report shows that Tesla is about to deliver 36 in 2019.

750,000 vehicles, a 50% increase in one year, but still to grow again8.

$ 6.2 billion, and this year’s delivery target is 500,000.

At present, Tesla has produced Model 3 at the Lingang plant in Shanghai, with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles, which has been converted into ModelY production this year.

  At present, the localization and reorganization of parts of Tesla’s Shanghai plant is about 30%. According to the plan, it will be raised to 70% -80% by July this year, and eventually 100% domestic.

  ”Tesla may still want to further control costs in the short term and give the entry-level products price reduction room to activate the market, thereby establishing the scale effect of the brand, market, channels and supply chain.

Roland Berger’s global partner Fang Yinliang said to the reporter of the Associated Press.

  Tesla’s pursuit of cost reduction has driven the lithium iron phosphate sector of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets to rise for two consecutive days.

By the close of February 20th, the lithium iron phosphate sector had surged 4% as a whole. Among them, Jiawei Xinneng, Fengyuan, BYD, and Defang Nano had daily limit increases. Baichuan, Defang Nano, and Xiangtan Electric all continued.Two-day “Wordboard”.

  New technology helps lithium iron phosphate to “turn over” In fact, lithium iron phosphate battery technology is about to recover. At the same time, it is said that thanks to Tesla’s “net red belt”, it is better to say that it is based on the technological innovation of domestic battery companies.It’s a natural success. ”

  One news that did not receive more attention is that on February 17, the day before the news that Tesla and Ningde Times approached “cobalt-free batteries”, BYD’s first pure electric vehicle equipped with “blade batteries” was filed.public.

According to the filing information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the same day, BYD will carry a power battery pack using “blade batteries” on the Han EV, with an energy density of 140Wh / kg.

  Although this data does not show an improvement over the energy density of ternary lithium batteries installed in a large number of vehicles on the market, it is higher than the previous ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery packs.

According to the new data provided by Yangtze Power, the energy density of BYD’s traditional lithium iron phosphate power battery pack is 130-135Wh / kg.

In addition, BYD said that the new “blade battery” has a 50% increase in volume specific energy density over the original product.

  Considering that Han EV is the first medium and large car launched by BYD, the use of “blade battery” technology on such flagship products demonstrates BYD’s confidence in the “lithium iron phosphate + blade battery” technology combination.

  BYD’s “blade battery” is the same as the CTP technology of the Ningde era. It is referred to by the leaders as two major technological innovations in the field of power batteries in 2019, giving lithium iron phosphate a chance to keep pace with ternary lithium.

Although some of the “leading” technologies in the battery industry have their own characteristics, they share the same goal-using lithium iron phosphate’s high repeatability in safety, resulting in a lack of energy density.

  Guojun New Energy analyst said that BYD’s “blade-type battery” significantly increased the length of the battery cells, increasing the proportion of battery cell volume in the entire battery pack volume, thereby increasing the energy density of the system; the CTP technology of the Ningde era wasBy making the battery module larger, the number of modules and the corresponding number of components are reduced to achieve the effect of increasing the energy density of the system.

CITIC Securities believes that this scale technology improves the energy density of lithium iron phosphate power battery packs by more than 15%.

  Ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate “high and low match” Prior to this, replacing the adjustment of supplementary policies, the balance of power battery installed capacity has gradually tilted towards ternary lithium.

According to Everbright Securities data, the installed capacity of ternary batteries has increased from 72% to 62% in 2019 in the past few years, while the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries has replaced 32% from 72%.

  ”Lithium iron phosphate has always been a technical route for power batteries in parallel 佛山桑拿网 with ternary lithium.Mileage is only used on buses that have high safety requirements.

“The analyst said.  BYD itself is like that.

As a company that previously developed lithium iron phosphate batteries earlier, BYD began to switch all its new energy passenger cars to ternary lithium batteries in 2017.

This to some extent highlights the inherent disadvantages of lithium iron phosphate.

  ”The ternary lithium battery has high energy density but high cost, which is conducive to high-end products. The cost of lithium iron phosphate is reduced, and because the energy density is relatively relatively safe, it is beneficial to entry-level volume products.

Fang Yinliang told reporters from the Finance and Accounting Agency that lithium iron phosphate was continuously optimized and upgraded at the same time, including CTP technology, but the energy density was still a certain distance from ternary lithium.

  Guojun New Energy believes that the heat dissipation performance and cycle performance of battery packs based on CTP technology will be much better, and passenger cars use lithium iron phosphate power batteries based on CTP technology, which can reach 150-155Wh / kg.

In addition, the fluctuation of lithium iron phosphate raw materials is small, so it is optimistic about the replacement of lithium iron phosphate in the passenger car market.

  In an analysis report, Yangtze Power said that in terms of future development prospects, lithium iron phosphate power batteries based on “blade batteries” and CTP technology can be used on models with a range of about 500 kilometers.For models ranging from kilometers to 600 kilometers, the ternary lithium battery has more advantages.

  ”Long battery life and high-end version models may continue to use ternary lithium batteries, but the combination of the two power battery technologies may continue to occur.

Fang Yinliang said that, in addition, at present, Chinese power battery companies are more applying lithium iron phosphate technology, and ternary lithium batteries are mainly relying on Japanese and South Korean companies. “This is also the reality of China.

By-drinking and taking medicine-improving performance in the first 8 months of the 11 partial equity funds rose more than 70%

11 partial equity funds rose more than 70% in the first 8 months by “drinking and taking medicine” to improve performance
Original title: “Eating and drinking medicine” improved performance in the first eight months of the 11 partial equity funds rose by more than 70% Lu Haiqing ○ Editor Zhang Yiwen continued the outstanding performance in July, in August, active partial equity funds continued to produce excellent answer sheets.According to statistics, as of August 30, the average net value of active partial equity funds rose 24 this year.14%, of which nearly 40 funds rose more than 60%, more than 11 funds rose more than 70%.Combining the semi-annual reports of these outstanding funds found that the market’s pursuit of core assets may continue.In addition, pharmaceutical theme funds were the brightest stars in the public fund industry in August, with nearly 30 funds rising by more than 10% in a single month.  Since the beginning of this year, the largest increase in net worth has reached 78% of Eastern Wealth Choice. For August 30, the average net value of active partial equity funds has increased by 24 since this year.14%, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 15 during the same period.73%.Among them, 11 funds rose by more than 70%, and the Boshi healthcare industry mixed fund increased by 78%.The 21% gain is far ahead.  In addition, Wang Zonghe, who is known for his long-term holding of liquor stocks, has once again continued to shine in the liquor store.Wang Zonghe’s Penghua Pension Industry Equity Fund, Penghua Industry Select Fund, and Penghua China’s 50 mixed funds have all increased more than 70% this year.Take the largest Penghua China 50 mixed fund as an example. At the end of the second quarter of each month, there are 7 liquor stocks in the top ten heavy stocks.  It’s not just Wang Zonghe who loves drinking.In addition to the Bo Shi Healthcare Industry Mixed Fund and Bank of Communications Growth 30 Mixed Fund, the above 11 funds all hold Wuliangye stocks.Data show that Wuliangye has increased by 182 this year.97%.Wuliangye has become a favorite of many funds.Tianxiang Investment Gu statistics fund semi-annual report found that Wuliangye is the public equity fund’s largest net net purchase amount in the first half of 2019, and changed hands to replace 123.68%, also the highest turnover rate among the top ten stocks with a net purchase amount.  Sorting out these outstanding fund semi-annual reports found that many fund managers will continue to hold leading stocks.Dai Jie, Manager of Hui’an Fengze Hybrid Fund, said that the index point may not have 杭州夜生活网 much downside, but the structure clearing should continue, differentiation and differentiation will be the norm, and the development potential and certainty of leading companies are also obvious.At present, the estimates of typical companies are still relatively reasonable, which is also the investment direction that they will stick to in the future.  Liu Yanchun, the manager of Inshun Great Wall ‘s domestic demand growth, raised the risk.In his view, the so-called core asset pricing generally contains great growth expectations. The biggest risks are the rapid convergence of market styles, the congestion of some asset transactions, and an estimated initial bubble. It is estimated that high prices will inevitably lead to weaker overall market risk resistance.He believes that only careful selection from the bottom up can avoid risk appropriately.  Pharmaceutical theme funds performed well in August, with a total of 15 funds rising by more than 10% in a single month.In August, the answer sheet from the active partial funds was even better.The data shows that in August, the funds that rose by more than 10% in a single month exceeded 55%. Among them, 28 medical theme funds, ABC Healthcare Stock Fund, and China Merchants Medicine Health Industry Stock Fund had a monthly increase of more than 14%. Bosh HealthcareIndustry mixed funds benefited from the rise in August and won the top prize.  Looking back on the fund investment strategy in the first half of the year, Ge Chen, the mixed fund manager of Boshi Healthcare, said that in addition to the industry ‘s absolute leader that has clearly outperformed the competition, the market ‘s absolute leader in short-term health insurance policies continues to hit new highs.”Our portfolio also uses these two types of core assets as core positions, and through deep mining, the stocks that have been at the bottom all the time, and the stocks with expected differences, have obtained excess returns.”He says.  Where are the next investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry?Ge Chen believes that, under the condition of unchanged environment, the market’s pursuit of core assets within the industry will continue, and it will digest high valuations by locking quarterly annual results and the next year’s growth rate.In addition, some pessimistic expectations are fully developed and it is possible to disprove excessive pessimistic stocks through performance and policy guidance, which may usher in an estimated opportunity for recovery.

The life of college students

The life of college students

At 6 am in a dormitory of Weifang College in Shandong, the alarm clock squeaked.

  Ma Hui, a senior girl with the nickname “Juehuang”, bounced up from the bed, put on her clothes casually, and stomped on the bed to turn on the computer.

She is not so active to look for recruitment information on the Internet, or to pick another peach that she will mature at 6:10 in Happy Farm.

With her eyes brightened, she found that the radish on her friend’s farm was ripe the night before, so she stared closely at the dog on her friend’s farm, and stole the radish into her own farm when the dog turned her back unnoticed.

After playing around for a while, Ma Hui climbed up to bed again to continue her awakening.

  Seeing that he will graduate in 3 months, there is no discount yet, and playing games has become Ma Hui’s current state of life.

  ”In addition to eating and sleeping, life may have other meanings, but I don’t think it’s great.

“Some graduates have” granulated and failed “due to long-term running between recruitment units, and they have shown” job fatigue “. Many students say that their current living conditions are” stubborn. ”

  Confused, the virtual game became the spirit of “Happy Farm” that Ma Hui played. It was a small game forced to be installed by her classmate. After installation, she could have a virtual farm, plant radish, potatoes and other vegetables, and go to the classmate.Buddies on your friends ‘farm, weed them, kill insects to earn commissions and experience points, or steal your friends’ mature crops.

This is a game with a very simple design. Ma Hui can’t stop it. “I was addicted as soon as I started playing. I was very happy to see the food on the farm changed to more than 90,000 gold coins.

“The job has not yet been settled. Ma Hui is” paralyzed “on the community website under the banner of writing a graduation thesis.

  ”I feel very confused recently. The more I find work, the more I have no confidence. I am afraid to go out and find no results. I plan to play the parking lot first and then say, ‘Happy Farm’ has become my important spiritual sustenance.

“From the beginning of looking for a job to now, Ma Hui has submitted more than 50 resumes, but not many interviews. Better companies or schools have a master’s degree or higher, and some small companies Ma Hui did not want to go and found suitable results.The other party asked for “men only”, or felt that the work was too difficult to suit herself . In short, she did not have an offer on hand.

  ”Actually I know that playing these games is self-hypnosis and avoiding stress.

I was envious and anxious to see my classmates signing the contract, and I didn’t even dare to go home often. I always felt embarrassed to find a job, but the reality was difficult to change.

Ma Hui believes that in the “Happy Farm”, it is easy to earn a lot of money as long as it is safe to farm. It has a solid feeling, and the biggest fun is to “steal”, and it also satisfies the speculative psychology that he can earn for nothing.

  Avoid, just follow me on the blog. “I don’t just want to hang myself on a tree, but I can’t find a tree that can hang myself.

“Fei Fei (pseudonym), a recent graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, who often laughs at” unemployed vagrants “and” unemployed youth “, said in a blog.

  Faye Wong recently played “missing” and only appeared on the blog.

My friend’s text message didn’t return. I used to take the initiative to make a phone call to my home once a week. Now my family is basically looking for her.

The person most afraid of meeting in school is the mentor.

Once Faye Wong went to the hospital’s office to stamp, and heard the laughter of the instructor outside the door. He waited for a few minutes outside, and dared to enter the door after the instructor had left.

“They see me and the problem is the same-how’s work?

My answer is the same-not found.

“Although in the eyes of many classmates, she is a” bull “: she received a full award for her delivery, published academic papers in core journals, rich professional practice experience, and a variety of reward certificates . but she repeatedly encountered job application failures.Still makes her very depressed: she just applied for the resume of a radio and television group, Shi Shenhai, and she intern at an advertising company some time ago, after two weeks of free labor, the boss knew: “We do n’t want female graduate students, because you get married and have children as soon as you workAlready.

“While Faye repeatedly expressed her determination and promised that she would not marry before and do not intend to have children in the future, the company finally rejected her.

  Faye Wong angrily changed her QQ signature to cursing swearing.

  The round after round of offense in return was followed by “destruction”, “My hopes and confidence were crushed so little by little.

Faye Wong said that she feels tired, worried, and sometimes has insomnia. Even dreaming is often a job-related matter. Seeing an unfamiliar number on a mobile phone will make her inexplicably nervous.

  When she first started looking for a job, Faye Wong would bring the bitter water in her stomach to her family and friends, but she was numb by the blow and she didn’t want to stop like Xiang Linyi.

  Now Faye Wong turns on her computer every day. First, she looks at the QQ, e-mail address, and job search website. Then she writes a school log and blog to record some funny and bitter experiences or summarized experiences during her job application. She set two for her blog.One column-“Stunning Records” and “Enlightened Enlightenment”.

  ”Unemployed nomads, dare not see people, go home for Chinese New Year and hide for N days.

Running around for six months, such as water bamboo baskets, written test interviews, taking part in several times, with few successes and failures, the so-called possibility, passing by.

There is no ambition, just in time for crisis, poor strength, and fateful lives.

“Wang Fei’s posting on the Internet caused a lot of resonance among her classmates, and was even reprinted by some strangers. Many netizens have left messages to cheer her up:” This kind of talent, don’t worry about the way out.

“” I know that everyone cares about me, but I always want to avoid it. When I face them, I often lose my voice, so I talk in the log and tell myself.

“Faye Wong said.

  You need to encourage each other during the tired period of job hunting. “Smoke hard, drink hard, go to the Internet cafe all night until dawn, as long as your eyes can be opened, you will never sleep.””Chen Li, a senior student at Beijing University of Humanities, feels that he has no ideals now, and there is no tomorrow, and that he can find a suitable way to vent, only torture himself.

  Chen Li is a self-study graduate of the administrative management major. During the job search process, he lowered the standards again and again.

Initially, I only circled in the “administrative assistant” position on the newspaper recruitment information and phoned over. As a result, the other party asked to have “more than two years of work experience” and “graduate from a key university.” Chen Li said that he was stunned.

  ”After being rejected more often, I am not a bit confident.

Although Chen Li later also paid attention to the information on the recruitment website, he basically “hands it down”-he wrote down the information but did not call him. In the end, he applied for a waiter on Island Coffee and resigned just two weeks after going to work.”Each 1300 yuan a month is not enough to support myself, and my profession is really wrong.

“” I’m hopeless about my future, I can’t find my emotions to find a job, and going to a job fair is just burning money and frustrating.

“Chen Li is doing nothing every day, he ca n’t find the focus of his life, and his diet is not regular. He often goes to Internet cafes all night to hang out with friends.” I did n’t expect to lose weight like this. In more than a month, I lost weight.More than ten pounds.

“For the life of some college graduates, Teacher Zhang Xingbo of Wuhan University’s College Student Psychological Counseling Center believes that no matter if blogging or playing games, they are all looking for satisfaction on the Internet and ways to relieve stress.

Playing a game can get a direct return, but in reality it is difficult to have an immediate effect; as for writing a log, it is a vent in itself, hoping to attract the attention of a specific group of people.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter to relax occasionally, but if you rely too much on the Internet and are unwilling to communicate with others, it may cause a decline in social skills.

  Some psychologists also said that some college students have entered the “short-term period of job hunting fatigue”. They must pay attention to adjusting their mentality, do not make psychological hints to themselves, and subconsciously feel that they have found a job. Instead, consider this year as an “internship period”, To enrich their experience, you can also set up a job hunting group, everyone in the group to encourage each other and help each other.

Glamorous eyes protect the eyes from harm

Glamorous eyes protect the eyes from harm

Perhaps from a cosmetic perspective, your biggest concern is your eyes.

They can shine without the need for additional cosmetology, and in terms of sexual attraction, they are the first on the list of all men who have sex.

In order to increase the “fascination” of your eyes, all you have to do is to do what you have been doing since the age of fifteen-apply mascara to the eyelashes and add some color to the eyelids.

If you make an extraordinary lazy person, you can solve the problem with a little bit of vaseline.

Vaseline can even stretch your eyelashes and make your eyelids shine with a natural glow.

  The only problem with the eyes is the skin around them.

The skin in this area is extremely delicate and is prone to wrinkles.

Excessive stress, often squinting to see things (because you do n’t want to wear glasses for beauty), not wearing glasses under the hot sun, and hanging out in a smoky environment, all these immediately the skin around the eyes becomes swollen, moreWrinkled and / or darkened, people look listless.

  To help the eyes, all you need to do is protect yourself from the damage of the internal pollution.

Some experts recommend using a milder normal face cream (a local test before applying anything).

But if your skin is sensitive, you can wear pair of blackout glasses-this is the best way to protect your eyes from sunlight.

  Dry and red eyes You need more vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A changes the eyes ‘natural secretions and reduces the eyes’ redness and pain.

In many vitamin A foods (such as carrots, apricots) there is an ingredient called beta carotene.

This ingredient is a highly effective antioxidant that helps protect the smoke environment around the eyes and the sun.

If you want to get vitamin A as an additional supplement, you must take a multivitamin and take it strictly according to the dose.

  Red eye and stylomatosis occur when the lacrimal duct and eyelash follicle of the eye become infected due to separation.

Vitamin C (both citrus fruits and spinach are properly supplemented with vitamins) helps avoid these situations because it can strengthen the immune system and improve replacement.

  Dark circles may be caused by heredity, but with age, the skin loses its natural elasticity, and dark circles become more obvious.

Lack of sleep can also lead to the appearance of dark circles, as blood rushes into the blood vessels to form a shadowy half ring.

The best cure is to get enough sleep.

Drinking chamomile tea will also help.

In addition to improving the quality of sleep, chamomile tea can reduce and relieve facial tension, thereby reducing the formation of dark circles.

  Bags under the eyes Although there is nothing to completely remove the bags under the eyes (except for plastic surgery), there are several things you can do to eliminate the degree of puffiness: cucumber slices, cold tea bags, and ice cubes wrapped in a face towel.

A longer-term solution is to reduce salt intake, as this can also cause bags under the eyes to swell.

Why do I keep seeing water when I keep moisturizing

Why do I keep seeing water when I keep moisturizing

The so-called tender skin usually refers to the good water retention of the skin, just like the skin of young babies is much better than that of adults. One of the most important reasons is the water retention of the skin. The water retention of the skin will cause the skin to grow and age.It becomes worse, so the obese people have worse skin water retention.

If you can moisturize the skin a little bit by external moisturizing work, even if it is only temporary, not only will the skin texture be better, but it will immediately feel a lot younger.

So there are reasons why moisturizing products are sold every year.

  Many people have been doing moisturizing work for a long time, but the skin is not tender. In fact, moisturizing is the first thing to do. To moisturize, you must master the following three steps: 1.

Wash your face gently: Many people do n’t like having a little greasy body, or habitually washing the skin to astringent, and some people are convinced that the skin must breathe cleanly, which is not a correct concept.

Washing your face gently and moderately is the most important of all moisturizing work. If you wash too much, its practical microscope to observe the skin’s water-retaining film will often be washed out. In this case, even the best moisturizing is very difficult to achieve the best results.

Abundant moisture: Refers to a lot of water and water such as lotion, moisturizing liquid, moisturizing gel, moisturizing essence, moisturizing mask and so on.

Of course, if you want to save money, your skin also has a bunch of water after washing your face, so you don’t have to apply some water.

The reason for requiring moisture is mainly because the water retention of the skin is reduced, and the amount of skin on the skin is insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to give moisture to increase the residual amount of the skin.

However, if you think about the skin, if the water retention is insufficient, it will increase the water’s brightness. However, if the water cannot be retained, it will be less than an hour or two and the water will run out. So this method is only suitable for the skin that retains water retentionGood skin.

Therefore, most people who want to regain their tenderness must still add a third step.


Sufficient moisture: For skin with poor water retention, if you want to lock the added water to prevent it from running away, the oil content is necessary, otherwise the water will evaporate to take away more water, and the skin will be more dry and give enoughMoisturizing locks in moisture, and the second step is profitable.

So if you have oily or acne-prone skin that can’t tolerate even a little oil, do the first step to prevent the skin’s water retention from being damaged by more recent ones. If the skin’s water retention becomes poor, use only the second one.Point help but not much.

  Do the three steps above to make your skin supple and shiny!

The efficacy and role of sheep hoof

The efficacy and role of sheep hoof

Sheep’s hoof is a relatively common food in our daily life. Because of its powerful functions and functions, and the simple method of sheep’s hoof, sheep’s hoof is much loved by people.

In the following, I will introduce the prescription of sheep hoof for everyone, I hope it will be useful to everyone.

  The effects and effects of sheep hoof: clearing away heat and laxative, hemostasis, detoxification and insecticide, attending to constipation, vomiting blood, scrotal blood, sun-blooding blood, hemorrhoids, bleeding, scabies, white baldness, scabies and swelling.

  1, “The Book”: “The main head of the vulture cancer, heat removal, female eclipse.

“2,” Do not record “:” The main immersed in obscene hemorrhoids, insecticide.

“3,” Rika “:” Cure disease, kill all insects, swell poison, vinegar paste.

“4,” Ben Cao Yan Yi “:” After the birth of Feng secret.

“5,” Ben Cao Yuan Ming Bao “:” Kill the infantile tapeworm.

Intestinal wind and diarrhea.

“6.” Southern Yunnan Materia Medica “:” Treat the heat poison.

Xieliu 腑 real fire, 衙 liu jingke fever, retreat deficiency fever 痨, urinate, cure hot shower, insecticide, scabies, win sores.

“With my agile myelinated oil mixed with steaming, myrica rubra is poisonous, and it can also pull out the skin’s fire and relieve heat and muscles.

“7.” Outline of the South Yunnan Outline “:” Dry as the last, apply a saber, stone salamander, sting poison, sores, scratching, scabies, etc.

“8,” Medical Men “:” The main throat is not silent, take roots well, and apply vinegar.

Sheep’s hoof prescription 1, can not cure the stool: a one or two (coarse).

Take a large piece of water, fry it for six minutes, and go and take it.

(“Sheng Hui Fang”) 2. Secrets of postpartum wind treatment: lamb’s hoof root file, grind three or two spoons of juice, half of water, fry one, two boil, warm and empty belly clothes.

(“Compendium of Materia Medica”) 3. Treatment of red and white turbidity: three to five dollars each for sheep hoof roots.


(“Traditional Chinese Medicine Experimental Research”) 4. Dampness and heat jaundice: five dollars from sheep’s hoof root and five dollars from Jiajiapi.

(“Jiangxi Folk Herbal Medicine”) 5. Relieve heat and spit blood: drink anthurium roots and decoction of Maimendong, or boil the ointment, refining honey, and transfer several spoons of white soup.

(“Compendium of Materia Medica”) 6, cure intestinal wind blood: septic root (washed and cut), even peeled ginger and half.

The same fried red, quenched with ashless wine, the bowl cover is less pour, go simmering, drink freely.

(“Yong class 钤 recipe”) 7, treatment of internal hemorrhoids and blood in the stool: sheep hoof roots from eight to one or two, fatty pork four or two.

Put in a crock pot, add water, and cook until the meat is extremely rotten.

(“Jiangxi Folk Herbs”) The above is about the efficacy and role of sheep hoof, and the introduction of the prescription of sheep hoof.

Since the effects and effects of sheep’s hoof are so powerful, everyone should not hinder sharing this delicious meal with your family.

Cleansing coup to create pore-free golden skin

Cleansing coup to create pore-free golden skin

Did you find it?

Skin without pores usually looks fairer and younger, because enlarged pores are the first signs of aging!

After the age of 25, due to skin aging, collagen and elastic fiber tissues gradually decrease and lose elasticity. Therefore, if the pores lose support, they will accelerate the enlargement of pores and form clear pores in the shape of water droplets. This is the terrible “aging type”Pores. ”

  It is just that the pores of young skin are enlarged due to oil. Once deep cleaning is used, oil control can temporarily reduce pores, but the problem of aging-type enlarged pores cannot be solved.

Instead, it should stimulate the collagen and elastic fibers to regenerate from the skin fundamentally, and solve the problem that the pores become enlarged due to the increasing loss of support, so that the skin can shine, like skin, with luxurious luster.

  Causes of aging-type pores: A lack of water; B: accumulation of cuticles; enlarged pores; C: skin becomes inelastic; D: ultraviolet rays and air pollution; E: excessive skin pressure; F: excessive cleaning; steps to clean aging-type pores.Milk, squeeze about 2cm of ingredients on the palm, add water to knead the foam, and then point on the facial skin. Massage the facial skin by the foam. Pay attention to the large pores of the nose and the two points. Specially massage it.

  Step2 Then use clean water to rinse the bladder foam, and at least 30 times of water is poured to clean the face.

  Step3 Choose a lotion with moisturizing effect and pour it on the cotton pad. Make sure that the cotton pad is full of water, and then wipe from the two seconds that are the easiest to dry.

  Step4 Then wipe the T-shaped part, and the nose part is also easy to have large pores. Therefore, you must also wipe it carefully, and don’t ignore it.

  Step 5 Using the warm palm, hold it gently for two seconds to confirm that the moisturizing lotion is indeed absorbed by the skin.

  Editor’s Choice: Estee Lauder’s new and refreshing cleansing cream ¥ 280 / 125ml keeps you supple.

Seaweed extract and sage make the skin smooth and delicate.

  Aupele DX Ultra Cleansing Cleansing Cream ¥ 170 / 50g Recommended reason: jelly-like cleansing cream containing orange-red particles can exfoliate naturally, eliminate dullness, and keep the skin moisturized and smooth.

With the function of promoting blood circulation and improving the skin’s metabolism, it can keep the skin alive, full of tension and elasticity.

Chinese medicine tells you some points to pay attention to Lixia health


Chinese medicine tells you some points to pay attention to Lixia health

Lead: Every year on May 5th or 6th, the sun reaches 45掳 in the Yellow River for the summer festival.

China has been used to the beginning of summer as a summer.

After the summer, the temperature around the country has increased significantly, and many places have exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.

How can we maintain our health in the summer season when it is getting hotter?

Chinese medicine tells you a few points to pay attention to your health.


Lixia Health Prematurely, early Chinese medicine thinks that “summer gas and heart steam pass”, Lixia health care should pay attention to early sleep and get up early, pay attention to “retention”, avoid sweating after exercise, “sweat” out of the yang, in the diet, it is appropriateTake the principle of “increasing acid and reducing bitterness, nourishing the kidney and helping the liver, and nourishing the stomach”. The diet should be light, eat more vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains.

You can do a few small moves before getting out of bed, which is conducive to enhancing physical fitness, TCM health, and prolonging life.


After the summer of the summer, the diet is gradually rising, and people will feel irritated and the appetite will drop.

The principle of Lixia diet is 鈥渟pring and summer Yangyang鈥? Yangyang focuses on raising the heart, raising the heart to drink more milk, eating more soy products, chicken, lean meat, etc., which can not only supplement nutrition, but also have a strong heart.

It is advisable to adopt the principle of 鈥渋ncreasing acid and reducing bitterness, nourishing the kidney and helping the liver, and nourishing the stomach and stomach鈥? The diet should be light, and the food should be easy to digest and consume vitamins. The big fish and the greasy and spicy food should be eaten less.

Add mung beans, lotus seeds, lotus leaves, reed rhizome, lentils, etc. to the previous rice and porridge, and eat them after cooling. You can also use the stomach and heat.

Usually eat more vegetables, fruits and coarse grains, can increase the supply of cellulose, vitamin B, C, can prevent the role of arteriosclerosis.


Lixia health care experts reminded that after the summer, the weather turned hot, people’s minds are susceptible to disturbances, and there is disappointment.

Therefore, at this time, people must know the spirit of nursed back to health, strengthen the maintenance of the heart, especially the elderly should not have excessive excitement, should maintain a happy mood, leisurely and happy, avoid violent and sad, keep God clear,A happy state.


Lixia health care supplements blood and blood after summer, blood heat will bring a lot of discomfort, qi deficiency and blood heat will affect people’s digestive function.

Therefore, do not overeat each meal, leaving enough room for peristalsis in the stomach.

Still people are relaxed and natural.

This summer’s summer attention to cool blood and qi and early morning and early rise is a season for people to save their yang and strive for a good harvest.


Lixia should avoid chilling. For most people, especially joint patients, summer should avoid cold, no need to use air conditioners and fans.

In the workplace, you should tell your colleagues about your condition, in order to get the understanding of colleagues, try not to use air conditioning or adjust the temperature appropriately.

It is best to keep a long-sleeved dress and add and subtract clothes at any time with the outside world.


Lixia health care to prevent external feelings in summer, people often have thin clothes, and even those who are physically healthy should also guard against external sensation. Once you are sick, you should not use sweating agents easily, so as to avoid sweating and stagnation, to prevent heart disease.attract.

Therefore, in the summer season, the mood should be open, and leisurely, and avoid anger and sadness.

In the morning, you can eat a small amount of onion, and you should drink a small amount of red wine for dinner to ventilate blood.