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[How to save bamboo shoots will not be old]_How to save_Saving method

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[How to make green beans quickly]_How to do_How to do

[How to make green beans quickly]_How to do_How to do

Usually when we cook mung beans, we often wash the mung beans directly and cook them in the pot, but everyone did not consider that mung beans can still be foamed. The bean sprouts are made by foaming, so using mung beans to foam is alsoA very good way, and you cultivate it by hand. You do n’t have to worry about the harmfulness of your body. If you want to soak mung beans quickly, you can learn this technique to ensure that it is fast and effective.

1) According to the needs of the family, the new ones of the year 1) According to the needs of the family, wash the mung beans to remove impurities and sub-beans floating on the water surface, put them in a non-pollution and oil-free container, add the right amount of warm water and never pass the mung beans, In a clean and ventilated environment.

Usually I use a 30 cm diameter stainless steel basin, put two mung beans, enough for a family of three, do n’t eat too much at a time, if you are interested, soak the beans every other day or two, so there is always freshness.Eating sprouts.

2) Soak the mung beans the night before, and the next morning, you will find that the water in the pot is absorbed by the mung beans. The plump green beans are all blooming and open their mouths, exposing white tender buds, delicate and tender.Don’t hurt it, stack the washed white gauze into three or four layers, and cover it with the bean sprouts, just like you treat a newborn baby.

The temperature should preferably be maintained at about 20 degrees.

The main point of operation is to keep hands and utensils and the environment absolutely clean, and they will all rot if you accidentally (I tell you the truth, the gauze I used is the gauze mask left over from SARS. Wash it after disassembly, just use the bean sprouts to cover it.).

3) After that, find a drawer of the pressure cooker, and press it gently after washing. Its role is to hold down the bean sprouts, so that the bean sprouts will not be bumped or washed away when changing water three times a day.

The plane crack of the pot drawer facilitates air circulation.

4) When the mung bean grows to about 3 centimeters, you need to press it with a heavy object, the purpose is not to let it grow crazy, as people often say, people flutter without pressure, let alone bean sprouts.

I usually use a similar washbasin to fill with water, press it on the bean sprouts, and transform the growth of the bean sprouts to add more water to the washbasin to increase the weight and make it grow thick and strong.

This process is like engaging in a scientific experiment; temperature, humidity, and operating procedures are all indispensable. Within four or five days, the bean sprouts in the basin are like sturdy soldiers., Took out one in the palm of his hand, cool, like a crystal clear jade Ruyi.

The great poet Chen Ming of the Ming Dynasty once praised it: “there is something else, the ice muscle is jade, the child does not enter the sludge, and it is not necessary to support it.”

The thing he praised was bean sprouts.

Collis (603808): Steady operation of the main business, intending to transfer part of the equity of Baiqiu

Collis (603808): Steady operation of the main business, intending to transfer part of the equity of Baiqiu

The company intends to transfer part of the equity of Baiqiu Network.

The company announced that it intends to transfer part of the equity of Baiqiu Network. The specific plan is as follows: ① Additional issue: Baiqiu Network intends to issue an additional 32.

Registered capital of RMB 890,000; ② Assignment: For the purpose of motivation, Gleas agreed with the founding shareholders and their acting persons (Liu Zhicheng, Hu Shaoqun, Qiu Yuhong, etc.) to subscribe.

270,000 new registered capital; Sequoia Capital subscribed 16.

New registered capital of RMB 610 thousand; A round of investors (Hangzhou Jiebai Group and other companies) purchased part of the equity from Glix.

At present, Glix owns 75% equity of Baiqiu Network; if the transaction is completed, Glix and Sequoia Capital will each hold 27.

75% equity; Liu Zhicheng holds 14.

92%, Shanghai Baiqiu Putney Enterprise (founding shareholder and its concerted actions) holds 10 shares.

5%, Hangzhou Jiebai Group holds 5%.

This can give Baiqi’s founding team a better incentive, a relatively independent operating environment, and at the same time enter the strategic capital to support it.

Baiqiu E-commerce is a global service provider for international fashion brands with great potential.

At present, Baiqiu E-commerce has signed more than 50 international fashion brands, and has established long-term good cooperative relationships with light luxury / luxury brands.

In addition, we will actively expand fully connected services such as omni-channel brand consulting, brand e-commerce operations, digital marketing, warehousing and logistics, IT solutions and new retail.

In 2018, Baiqiu E-commerce established an overseas subsidiary “ARRIVA”, focusing on providing e-commerce operation services for international brands in Southeast Asia.

In the future, an overall e-commerce service system will be formed throughout Southeast Asian countries such as China, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

In 2018, Baiqiu E-commerce achieved revenue 2.

200 million, net profit 6014 million; 2019?
Revenue in September was 2.

20,000 yuan, net profit 40.26 million yuan.

Collix Multi-brand Group has deepened its management and gradually recognized its operational capabilities.

At present, GLS has 7 mid-to-high-end fashion brands such as Ellassay / EdHardy / Laurel / IRO / VIVIENNE TAM / JPK / selfportrait. It has formed a multi-brand matrix with similar positioning and complementary styles, and it has many aspects in channel layout and marketing promotion.Synergy.

Major brands have efficient store operations. We judge that direct-operating same-stores maintain a steady growth rate and the extension of extension stores is greatly adjusted. Multi-brand incubation went smoothly and contributed performance one after another. Among them, IRO experienced salesmen’s favorite, and the sales growth rate was bright.

In addition, the company plans to acquire the global business of IRO, strengthen the integration management of overseas business, and represent an important advancement in the conversion process of Greece.

Investment Advice.

The company’s endogenous extension, solid performance improvement, multi-brands began to work, high-quality brand echelon coupled with innovative group management mode, optimistic about subsequent growth.

Considering that the overall consumption growth rate has slowed down rapidly, affecting the company’s short-term performance changes, 深圳spa会所 the net profit for 2019/2020/2021 is adjusted to 4.



RMB 370,000 (no equity transfer is considered), corresponding to EPS 1.



62 yuan, corresponding to an estimate of 12/11/9 times. Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: Weak consumption due to the macroeconomic downturn; weaker than expected franchise performance; low progress in new brand store expansion; related risks brought by transaction uncertainty.

Air China (601111): Mixed reform disrupts revenue growth and profits increase significantly

Air China (601111): Mixed reform disrupts revenue growth and profits increase significantly

Event 西安耍耍网 / News: On April 25, Air China released the 2019 first quarter report. In Q1 2019, Air China achieved operating income of 325.

54 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

00%, net profit attributable to 苏州夜网论坛 mother 27.

23 ppm, an increase of 3 per year.

60%, in line with the performance expectations given by us in early April.

Mixed reforms have disrupted revenue growth and passenger transportation has maintained steady growth.

In 2018, Air China issued a mixed-ownership reform announcement, and freighter cargo was replaced as a whole. Therefore, freighter revenue will no longer be included in 2019’s operating income, and the growth rate of operating income will therefore be based on this.

Based on two years of operational and financial data, 2018 passenger aircraft freight ton-kilometres (RFTK) was 1111.

85 million ton-kilometres. Operating income after deducting freighters was 301.

32 trillion, the actual growth rate of revenue this year is 8.

04%, higher than the available seat kilometer (ASK) 6 in the first quarter.

6% growth rate.

During the first quarter of the Spring Festival, Air China’s supply was generally reasonable, and the domestic ASK growth rate was only 5.

0%, which is lower than the overall supply growth rate, the domestic supply-demand relationship has continued to improve, and the passenger transportation business has maintained rapid growth.

The impact of the specification change is prominent, and the profit growth of foreign exchange deduction is obvious.

Since 2019, the IFRS16 leasing regulations have become effective, and the operating leased aircraft are consolidated into the balance sheet calculation.

The non-current assets in the Air China balance sheet supplement the right-of-use asset account, and non-current debt is added to the lease debt account, and the assets are increasing at the same time.

37%, asset-liability ratio increased by 6.

69 out of 65.


At the same time, interest expenses in the income statement financial expenses and depreciation in operating costs have increased significantly.

Due to the impact of lease pricing on the ceiling of foreign currency debt, the exchange rate has become more elastic to profits.

In the first quarter, Air China’s financial expenses were -1.

13 ppm with a value of -9 over the same period.

At 97 ppm, the profit growth rate after the budget exchange rate is expected to exceed 30%, and the overall performance is affected by the regulations.

The mixed reforms promoted the improvement of efficiency and the rapid return on investment income.

Air China is the second batch of key units participating in the pilot reform of the civil aviation industry. In the fourth quarter of 18, Air China sold 51% of Air China Cargo’s shares.

According to the current mixed industry reform experience, Air China will focus more on the main passenger transportation industry in the future. This will not only effectively reduce Air China’s own asset-liability ratio, but also significantly improve the utilization rate of resources and operating efficiency. The main passenger transportation industry is expected to usher againrapid development.

Cathay Pacific’s performance in 2018 has been turned into profit, and the investment income of Air China in Q1 of 2019 was 3.

100,000 yuan, an increase of 132 in ten years.

17% have returned to normal levels.

In the future, Cathay ‘s market share in Hong Kong will continue to increase, and the investment income recognized by Air China will continue to grow significantly.

Investment suggestion: From the Air China first quarter report in 2019, short-term factors such as changes in exchange rates and amendments to leasing regulations have had a certain impact on performance, but Air China still achieved rapid growth in foreign exchange deduction profits through improved supply and demand.

Supply and demand will continue to improve after further supply decline in the future, long-term fundamentals continue to improve, and the profit elasticity of oil price exchange margins is good, so we maintain the 2019-2021 net profit return to motherhood unchanged, which is 97.

8.4 billion, 119.

09 million yuan, 156.

US $ 3.3 billion, equivalent to 15 times, 12 times, and 9 times the current PE, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk reminders: Macroeconomic fluctuations, rising oil prices, rapid depreciation of currency exchange rates, and accidents such as air crashes.

9 o’clock suggest to work out

9 o’clock suggest to work out

How can I take time to care more about myself?

Please accept the following 9 simple but extremely effective suggestions. Soon you will feel that you have increased your physical activity, energetic, and restored youth and confidence.

This method is tailored by Spanish scholars for modern women who are busy all day.

Water flowers.

A variety of indoor plants at home and in the workplace. Put some flower pots on the ground or on a low flower stand, and some are hung high. Every day you have to put a little bit of flower pots in order to water the flowers.Squatting forward, or lifting your toes to reach those high-hanging flower pots, the process of continuously squatting and standing is simply a remake of aerobics. This exercise process is best performed after waking up in the morning. Squatting will drive the hipsMuscles, while lame feet help stretch leg and abdominal muscles.

Lift the book.

In order to move everything, modern women should make full use of their hands. This simple method can work. For example, it happens at the same time as a phone call. Just take a big thick book and lift it up with your hands in turn.The musculature of the head prevents it from sagging and overall helps to lose weight.


Sit down and hug the knee joint of one leg with both hands, and work hard to raise the leg so that it stretches straight to the chin.

At the same time, keep your back straight. If you move 10 times a day, your abdomen will fall.

Forget the elevator.

To move your legs, it is best to walk up and down the stairs. The effect will be better if you stand on your toes. This is a great way to build muscles and promote blood circulation.

Get active.

Do you spend a lot of time at a computer or computer desk?

Please do the following simple movements every hour on average: get up, raise your hands, lift up, and put your fingers toward the ceiling.

Take care to keep your back straight and keep your feet off the ground.

When sitting, you can often lift your legs tens of centimeters under the table to reduce fatigue and make the abdominal muscles stronger.

Take a walk.

Whether at home or at work, don’t let go even if there is only a few minutes of rest. Make the most of this limited time, even if you are walking to a high level, it is good to be breathable.

Get off one stop earlier.

Don’t forget that while walking is simple, it is very beneficial to physiology.

If you need to take the subway or bus to work or go out, it is best to get off one stop in advance and walk to your destination.

Dance up.

Go home, put on your favorite tape, and jump up with the beat. Your body instinctively performs the exercises you need most at this moment. You can relax and eliminate all the stress that has accumulated in a day. You will feel many times after jumping for 10 minutes.Your body is comfortable and your mood has become pleasant.

Take a deep breath.

The best, and simplest, most accustomed exercise is to take a deep breath.

Either sit in a chair or stand by an open window and slowly inhale deeply, feeling that the gas is gradually entering your lungs.

The body is full of vitality.

Then exhale slowly as well, imagine detachment from everything that invades you at the moment, and repeat it several times.

The six best of rice

The six best of rice

Rice is a must-have for everyone every day.

Each rice has its own different effects, some micrometers can help digestion, glutinous rice can detoxify and so on.

Let the experts explain to us specifically!

The most nourishing is always rice, the most helpful digestion is blood sugar rice, the most kidney is black rice, the most detoxification is glutinous rice, the most beauty is glutinous rice, the most stomach is millet.


The most nourishing is the ordinary rice used in the daily use of rice for rice. It is also known as the former rice or polished rice. It is translucent oval or oval, with high rice yield and small expansion of rice, but it is sticky.

As a daily edible rice, the previous rice contains essential starch, protein, trace, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C and calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can provide the nutrients and content required by the human body.

  Gu Wanli said that with the previous rice porridge to maintain health and prolong the years, in the history of 2000 years, the top layer of porridge oil can replenish and fill the essence, nourishing the body’s Yin liquid and kidney essence.There are alternative benefits, most suitable for patients, maternal and elderly.

The previous rice has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing the qi, nourishing yin and fluid, eliminating the troubles of quenching thirst, solidifying the intestines and stopping diarrhea. It can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, polydipsia, malnutrition, post-illness and other complications, but diabetic patients shouldBe careful not to eat more.


The most digestible is the so-called coarse rice, which is the “light yellow rice” that removes the rough outer shell and retains the germ and cobalt during the milling process.

The protein, trace amount and vitamin content in the crude rice are more than the fine white rice.

  The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer contribute to the peristalsis in the body and are effective for diseases such as stomach diseases, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Compared with white rice, nutrients can reduce blood plasma and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Slightly suitable for the general population to eat, but because it is slightly larger than the rice, the gap is tight, and the cooking is also time-consuming. Gu Wanli suggests that it can be washed with cold water before cooking, and then the water is used together with the soaking water for half an hour.the above.

The most tonifying kidney is black rice and black rice, which is rich in nutrients and contains protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances. The nutritional value is more than ordinary rice.

It can significantly improve the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain, improve the promotion of maternal and post-physical recovery, so it is an ideal nutritious health food.

  Gu Wanli pointed out that black rice has the functions of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the body, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, and nourishing the essence and strengthening the body. It is a nourishing good for anti-aging beauty and disease prevention.

Regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, convalescent patients and young children.

Since black rice is not easy to be boiled, it should be soaked overnight for cooking.

Young children with weak digestive function and old and weak patients are not suitable for consumption.


The most detoxifying is the glutinous rice glutinous rice, also known as Jiangmi. Because of its sticky and fragrant, it is often made into a snack, which is very popular among you.

Glutinous rice contains protein, trace, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, and a lot of starch.


The most beautiful is the glutinous rice glutinous rice, also known as glutinous rice, glutinous rice.

The nutritional value of glutinous rice is very high, and it is known as the “king of the world’s grass plants”.

Coix seed rice is rich in nutrients and contains various amino acid components such as oyster barley oil, barley fat, sterol, amino acid, arginine and vitamin B1, vitamins and other nutrients. It has the effect of moisturizing, spleen and diarrhea, clearing away heat and detoxifying.

  Gu Wanli said that Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is sweet, light, slightly cold, into the spleen, stomach, lung, spleen diarrhea, muscle soreness, joint pain and other symptoms have a therapeutic and preventive effect.


The most stomach-raising is millet millet, also known as glutinous rice, corn, millet.

Its protein, trace, sugar, vitamin B2, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Because millet is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it is called “health meter” by nutrition experts.

  Millet has the functions of strengthening the spleen and the middle, benefiting the kidney, clearing the heat, benefiting the urine, and treating the polydipsia. It is a nutritional rehabilitation product for treating spleen and stomach weakness, physical weakness, impaired blood, postpartum deficiency and loss of appetite.

Gu Wanli pointed out that because the millet is slightly colder, the qi stagnation and physical fitness are too cold, and the urinary elders should not eat too much.

Pay attention to children before and after vaccination

Pay attention to children before and after vaccination

April 25 is the National Children’s Preventive Transplant Day, also known as Planned Immunization Day.

This year’s theme is: “Baby and Health-Start with Vaccinations”.

  Recently, the “Children’s Work Department of the All-China Women’s Federation” and the Department of Women’s Social Affairs of the Ministry of Health, etc. sponsored the “Children’s New Life-Greetings to Life” scientific parenting project antique education campaign.

Zhang Feng, chief physician of the Children’s Health Center of Beijing Children’s Hospital, answered the relevant knowledge about vaccination.

  Why are vaccines divided into two categories? Now every baby is vaccinated from birth. Some are free of charge for the government and some are at their own expense.

The government provides a first-class vaccine for free, and a second-class vaccine is implanted at its own expense.

  According to the difference between the first-class vaccine and the second-class vaccine, Dr. Zhang Feng said that this is an administrative classification, not a medical classification, and is formulated by the government based on economic capacity and disease prevention planning.

The classification of first-class vaccines and second-class vaccines is also constantly changing. Now some first-class vaccines were once second-class vaccines, such as hepatitis B vaccine and leprosy vaccine.

With economic development, it is certain that there will be more and more types of seedlings.

  The second-type vaccine (self-funded vaccine) is a vaccine recommended by the relevant national health department and implanted by the implanter at their own expense.

Parents appropriately choose some secondary vaccines, which can give their babies a more complete health protection.

  Infectious diseases targeted by this type 2 vaccine are also very threatening to babies, such as chicken pox, pneumonia, flu and so on.

Some second-class vaccines are supplementary to first-class vaccines. Polio vaccines are used to prevent polio. At present, polio vaccines are available as oral attenuated vaccines (sugar pills) and inactivated polio vaccines (injection IPV).
At present, the type of polio vaccine every year is “sugar pills”, but some babies cannot eat “sugar pills” for various reasons, including those with perianal abscesses, milk allergies, and premature babies.Weighted infants, etc., need to choose an inactivated vaccine that is completely virulent to be safer.

It is therefore recommended that these babies use an inactivated polio vaccine or a combination vaccine containing this vaccine.

As the name suggests, inactivated vaccines make the virus completely lose its virulence and reduce the incidence of adverse reactions.

  Children need to be vaccinated against pneumonia. Spring is the peak season for pneumonia, and children under 5 years of age are also easily infected.

Data show that about half of the severe childhood pneumonia is caused by pneumococcus.

At the same time, pneumococcus can also cause bacteremia, meningitis, otitis media, and many complications, and even cause death.

Pneumonia caused by pneumococcus can be prevented with a vaccine.

Professor Yang Yonghong of Beijing Children’s Hospital said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has listed pneumococcal disease as a “highly high priority” vaccine-preventable disease, and it is best for babies to be vaccinated in time about one hundred days after birth.

  Precautions before and after vaccination Before transplantation, parents should first understand what kind of vaccine the child is going to inject, what disease can be prevented, there may be some kind of adverse reaction after transplantation, what circumstances can not be vaccinated, and whether there are other vaccines that can be substituted.

Keep your skin clean, and it’s best to put your child in soft, loose clothing before implantation.

Let your child eat well and have a good rest, as vaccination is prone to vaccination during obesity and excessive fatigue.

  On the day of implantation, read the “Knowledge Book of Preventive Transplantation” carefully, ask in time if you don’t understand, tell the doctor in time if there is any situation, and then sign it.

Tell your doctor if your baby is uncomfortable or sick, or if you have been sick recently.

If the baby is allergic, have severe acute attacks, acute measles, etc .; previous fever, convulsions, smoking, acute measles and other reactions occurred after the injection of the vaccine; in addition, the number of stools more than 4 times a day or the recent injection of albumin, immunoglobulin,Tell your doctor about transfusions.

  After the implantation, the patient was observed in the hospital for 30 minutes before leaving.

After returning home, do not take a bath. Do not take oral exercise 2 or 3 times. Keep the skin of the injection site clean and do not allow the baby to scratch.

Don’t let children eat irritating things, drink plenty of warm water and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Watch your baby’s performance carefully. If you have a high fever, coma, or convulsions, take your baby to the hospital in time.

The vaccine is a foreign body to the baby’s body and body, and it will stimulate the body after being incorporated. Individuals will have symptoms of systemic or local reactions. Frequently, local redness, swelling and pain, or fever, crying, etc. are common.

It is generally mild and does not require special treatment.

It usually gets better after 2 to 3 days.

  Some babies have repeated colds when their mother-to-body antibody levels are relatively good within half a year, diarrhea, severe vomiting, lung infections, and severe eczema. These children are relatively weak children.

For infants and young children who are weak or have special diseases, vaccination is particularly important to reduce the risk of disease, because such children will become more severe after getting sick.

To better protect these children, they need to be implanted in a timely manner while reducing the risk of transplantation.

You can choose a combination vaccine that can prevent five diseases of the five-in-one vaccine. From the conventional injection of 12 shots to 4 shots, the baby can take 8 fewer shots, which means that the risk of 8 adverse reactions and cross infection is reduced.

White-collar newcomer nine crazy revealed

White-collar newcomer “nine crazy” revealed

Quite particular about human beings, cultivation, and skills, many people who are new to the workplace are full of ambition but have been hit by the head.
The following will make a one-on-one analysis of the “nine crazys of white-collar newcomers”.
  ”Crazy” symptom one: famous school and department, who is fighting!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: Generally speaking, the students who are about to step into the society are full of spirits. Four years of university life has built a solid knowledge structure for them, and also created their “arrogance” from the inside out.”.
  However, society is not as simple as a school. No matter how high your education is and the background of a famous school or department, people may not buy it.
  Case: When Xiao Li University graduated, he met a famous media recruiter in Shanghai. Look at the recruitment requirements: Bachelor degree or above, related majors, it is best to have some practical experience; Think about your own conditions: recognized by the Chinese department of a famous Shanghai universityThe talented girl, the Department of Publicity Minister of the Student Union, has organized many large-scale activities, has also worked part-time in a periodical agency for nearly two years, and has published a lot of works. She feels that this recruitment is just for her.
When she passed the initial test and went to the interview with the guts of “who would be my own”, the situation outside the test room let her take a sigh of relief: all the candidates who came to this interview with a 10: 1 interview rate were allFor those who are not idle, there are graduate students in journalism and senior journalists with very rich news works. Among these people, Xiao Li feels how ridiculous he is.
  ”Crazy” symptom two: personality independence, refusal to cooperate!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Today’s college students are the most protected and unique seedlings in their homes. They talk and behave in a young and frivolous manner, but when they come to society, they seem out of place.
Speaking of fashion is “avant-garde” and “personal”, in fact, they are self-righteous and vulnerable.
  Case: Confident and introverted Wang can be said to be smooth before graduating from university. From kindergarten to college, he is the “top-notch” in his class. His parents have hardly been concerned about his studies. He graduated from the local university and enteredWorking for a computer company.
Xiao Wang, who has just entered the society, still believes that he is the best. When he sees the leader handing over some of the more important designs to his colleagues, he feels very unbalanced. The designs made by colleagues are alwaysDisapproving, ridiculing some of these imperfections, a look of no chance.
Over time, colleagues had a lot of opinions on him, so the boss had to ask him to seek another job.
  ”Crazy” symptom three: The more you are, the more your boss is!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★★ In the enterprise, some people are reluctant to do tricky work, and some “promising young people” always like to get more and more.
This kind of enthusiasm for work should be encouraged, but when it is overdone, good things become bad things.
  Case: Xiao Zhu studied art design. After graduation, she worked as a beauty editor in a magazine.
There are not many people in the editorial department. The editor is a kind old lady with a harmonious atmosphere.
But harmonious and harmonious, the editor is a serious person, and must be personally involved in business matters.
  Xiao Zhu feels that she has no room for creation, and sometimes strives for reasons so that her ideas can be realized on the page.
Taking into account his enthusiasm for work and professional background, the editor-in-chief respects his opinions as much as possible, and Xiao Zhu’s self-confidence and sense of ownership are getting stronger.
Once the editor-in-chief met, the printing company came to send the final proof. The editor-in-chief was asked to sign and print. Xiao Zhu signed the name of the editor with a swipe.
Unexpectedly, there was still room for change in the proof.
The magazine had to be reprinted.
Xiao Zhu not only received batches, but also withheld his salary for the month.
  ”Crazy” Symptom 4: Open your heart quickly and keep your mouth open!
  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★★ Gossiping and gossiping, some things are as taboo as possible, such as involving the privacy of the boss, new decisions being brewed by the company, personnel transfer, etc. It is okay to communicate in private, but new peopleHe always talked openly in front of the audience, and accidentally crossed the limit.
  Case: Liang Zi was recommended by the department to the secretariat of an institution when he graduated, and naturally had more opportunities to contact the leaders.
He can also participate in some of the more important meetings, and he is more informed.
  It should be said that Liang Zi still knows the discipline that can not be leaked at important meetings, but in the envious eyes and touts of the newcomers who come with him, Liang Zi cannot hold it.
Coupled with the “inside story” of some incidents, he was very young and very opinionated, and he really did not vomit, so colleagues often heard young Liang Zi talk in the office.
Three years later, Liang Zi, who could not be reused, resigned resignedly.
  ”Mad” Symptom 5: Frequent job-hopping, three towards four!
  ◎ “Crazy” Index: There are many newcomers who have just graduated who have high self-confidence. I always feel that my current job is too genius, and I just plan to change jobs when I step into the unit.
As a result, he jumped up and down, still the highest on the original hill.
  Case: On the second anniversary of graduation, Hai Tao chose the fifth job change. He smiled with a bitter smile and called himself a “job-hopping professional household.”
The first job change was after he had been a teacher in a middle school for 3 months. He felt that a big guy was confined to a three-foot podium and a workbook all day and was a waste of life.Break the world.He feels that the criterion for the success of a person in modern society is whether there is money or not, whether there is power or not, and he has no background. “Power” is not to think about, then work on “money”.

He had done insurance, acted as a small food agent, and worked as a counter manager in a supermarket. Every time he changed jobs, he firmly believed that he was closer to the target. However, when he checked the bag today, he found that he was still empty-handed except for being tired.

He said that his biggest wish now is to have a stable career, even if the salary is lower.

  ”Crazy” symptom six: I am better than you!

  ◎ “Crazy” Index: ★★★ After the novice enters the company, because the working environment and the nature of the work are not very clear, the boss often arranges some old employees with work experience to serve as novice internships.

But many novices who are very confident in their professional knowledge or ability to do business feel that it is redundant.

  Case: After graduating from Wang Zhi University, he went to work as a journalist on the TV station, and the director of the department arranged for him to take him.

Lao Li is an old photographer, and people are not good at talking.

In the cooperation, Wang Zhi felt that some of Li’s so-called “photographic experiences” were too outdated.

During an interview, he took advantage of Lao Li’s late arrival and ran out by himself.

When the film came back, I felt very good, so I asked Li to give some advice.

I did not expect Lao Li to talk about ideas, and Wang Zhi must be obeyed. Since then, he no longer dares to ignore Lao Li.

  ”Mad” Symptom 7: I can speak, I can say more than I do!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Young people easily see things as simple and idealistic, so that they are inexplicable when they hit a wall.

  I hereby warn those newcomers: It is good to have passion, but just think about it before speaking. If you are 50% sure, then say it, the remaining 50% will use your passion and hard work to practice.

  Case: A child studying architectural design and three students in the class went to the architectural design institute for an internship.

  At the beginning of work, the leader showed them the design plan for a client and wanted to hear their thoughts.

The child and his classmates knew everything and talked endlessly. They counted the famous buildings both in China and abroad, and made many suggestions in comparison with them.

The leaders finally asked them to revise the original plan, and everyone took it with confidence.

Unexpectedly, I realized in practice that my proposal could not be realized at all, and I had to turn over the design proposal intact.

  ”Crazy” symptom eight: Disdain trivial matter, start another stove!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Do you understand the principle of “don’t be small and don’t be small”?

The reason why the leader does not let you do big things alone is because he is not yet sure that you still have some such strength.

Sometimes, some savvy supervisors often use a few small things to examine your work style before promoting you.

  There is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

  Case: Xiao Zhang is a clerk of a foreign company.

The style of this foreign company’s business is very simple, and even every page of printing paper must be used in reverse.

Once, the handyman in the office didn’t come. The director held a large pile of used printing paper and let the chapters be sorted by size for reuse.

Xiao Zhang was very upset, and the stack of paper remained on the table for a day.

When the director unhappyly took away the stack of paper and sorted it out by himself the next day, Xiaozhang felt something bad. Sure enough, when the company tailor tailored a few days later, Xiaozhang was fired.

  ”Crazy” symptom nine: avant-garde dress, taste flaunted!

  ◎ “Crazy” index: ★★★ Each unit has its own unique image. If you want to work in which unit, you must first dress up in line with the overall image of the unit, rather than blindly pursue “uniqueness.”

  Case: Li Lu is a beautiful girl with a good figure. She is very particular about her clothes and is very fashionable.

In summer, she wears bellybands, so she dare to walk in the office with plaster exposed.

Not to mention the cold wind in the office building made her whole body cold, and her colleagues’ special eyes also made her unnatural.

One week later, the company issued the “Staff Dress Code”: during working hours, it is not allowed to be exposed in order to avoid affecting the company’s image.

Yes, water yoga is tailor-made for expectant mothers

Yes, water yoga is tailor-made for expectant mothers

During this time, a news about actress Hu Jing attracted the attention of expectant mothers: In order to relieve prenatal depression and smooth labor, Hu Jing followed the exercise prescription issued by a private doctor and practiced yoga for 1 hour in the water every day.

  Is water yoga really good for pregnant women?

The redundant yoga instructors in Hangzhou have been asked this question by female academics in these days.

The reporter immediately asked the instructor of the Hangzhou Yoga Association and Wu Zhenwei, a health and fitness expert from the American Academy of Sports Medicine, to ask him to give an answer to the expectant mothers.

  Aquatic mothers can easily control “the characteristics of water, coupled with the characteristics of yoga, making water yoga suitable for expectant mothers and can be easily controlled by them.

Wu Zhenwei, a coach and instructor from the Hangzhou Yoga Association, gave the reporter a positive answer: Aqua Yoga is indeed suitable for expectant mothers to practice. In foreign countries, too many women choose Aqua Yoga as a sport during pregnancy.

If you sum it up in one sentence, it is-“Aqua Yoga is a wonderful exercise for expectant mothers.

“For mothers, where does the superiority of underwater yoga come from?

Wu Zhenwei explained: This is determined by the characteristics of water and the characteristics of yoga.

  Specifically, the buoyancy of the water reduces the pressure of joints, bones, and ligaments in the water, transferring the buoyancy of the water, and the “excessive burden” of the expectant mother is naturally relieved in the water. When it returns to normal, it will be much easier to move.At the same time, yoga is an expected breathing exercise. Choose a stretched position, and the mother’s body can relax and exercise, and the anxiety and tension can be effectively relieved.

  ”A lot of people think that underwater yoga is very mysterious and it is a sport that stars only undertake. In fact, underwater yoga is suitable for everyone.

Wu Zhenwei believes that water yoga is a sport that prospective mothers can boldly try.

  The expectant mother yoga class is currently still in Hangzhou. Although it is one of the best choices for expectant mothers to exercise, the reporter has heard from many sources that there is currently no underwater yoga class specifically for expectant mothers in Hangzhou.

  ”For mothers, practicing water yoga has higher requirements for water quality.

In addition to maintaining the water temperature at about 27 degrees, the cleanliness of the water is also high, otherwise the health of pregnant women will be harmed.

In addition, the requirements for yoga instructors are relatively high.

This is the high cost of starting a gym.

“In the interview, many yoga instructors told reporters that this is why it is difficult to set up a mother-to-be class.

  ”If conditions permit, expectant mothers can practice on their own.

Wu Zhenwei issued a detailed exercise “prescription” to the expectant mothers: the depth of the pool is lower than the upper and lower levels; the water temperature is about 27 degrees; absolutely avoid being hit by others during the exercise; each exercise time is within 20 minutes (with yogaAnd swimming can be extended appropriately); pay attention to balance, you can choose to practice on the pool wall first; pay attention to the warmth from the pool to the locker room.

  ”It is best to start yoga in the water one year before pregnancy so that you will feel more comfortable in the water when you are pregnant.

Do not do unfavorable movements. The simplest yoga movements combined with correct breathing can get the best results.

“Wu Zhenwei is outstanding. Expectant mothers who do not have the foundation of yoga and swimming must practice with professionals when they practice; if they have the foundation, they must also pay attention to the principles of safety and appropriateness.

Nine attentions to women in the summer solstice


Nine attentions to women in the summer solstice

Nine items of the summer solstice have reached the women’s nine women’s gynaecology hospital gynecological experts pointed out that the summer climate is hot, long nights, compared to other seasons, people should pay more attention to health care in clothing, food and shelter.

In particular, women pay more attention to makeup and dressing.

銆€銆€Do not apply more cosmetics.

Do not apply more cosmetics.

銆€銆€The lipstick is used more, the grease in the lipstick will penetrate into the human skin, and there are adsorbed dust in the air, various metal molecules and pathogenic microorganisms.

Through the decomposition of saliva, various harmful germs can take the opportunity to enter the mouth, which is likely to cause “lip allergy”.

Eye shadow re-applying eye shadow powder, sweat and eye shadow rush into the eye, such as holding the sputum, it is easier to bring bacteria into the eye, stained with trachoma or pink eye.


Do not sprinkle perfume.

銆€銆€The part of the perfume, caused by the sun’s rays, will cause chemical changes, resulting in redness and tingling, and severe dermatitis will develop.

The correct way is: the part of the perfume should be the temple, the back of the ear, the back of the neck, the elbows, the wrists, the knees and the inside of the skirt hem; when washing the hair, a few drops of perfume in the last clear water will make the hairThe aroma lasts for a long time.

In addition, sprinkle some perfume on handkerchiefs, jerseys and accessories.


Night skin care does not require daytime cosmetics.

銆€銆€People relax in their sleep, their pores are naturally relaxed, and they easily absorb the nutrients of cosmetics.

However, it is not advisable to use semi-solid cosmetics such as dew, cream and fat that are commonly used during the day. Therefore, the products are easy to insert into the pores, so that the skin cannot be smoothly and smoothly metabolized.

Therefore, in the evening beauty should use water cosmetics, water cosmetics do not insert pores, does not affect skin breathing, does not affect the normal excretion of sweat glands, and is more easily absorbed by the skin.


No other people’s cosmetics.

銆€銆€Cosmetics may become a vector of disease. Therefore, don’t use other people’s cosmetics to make makeup, and you won’t lend your used cosmetics to others.


Do not pull your eyebrows.

銆€銆€Make-up plucking eyebrows gives a sense of baldness. From a medical point of view, plucking eyebrows not only damages physiological functions, but also causes local infections due to the destruction of hair follicles and cosmetic stimuli.


Do not remove the arm hair.

銆€銆€Some people think that when wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless dresses in summer, the hair is exposed outside, it is cut with scissors, and some even scrape the mane.

In fact, it is detrimental to health, it is easy to cause bacterial infection in the axillary part, and even local pain is uncomfortable, and it is prone to symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes.


Do not wash the perineum with raw water.

銆€銆€Raw water refers to so-called boiled cold water.

Raw water contains many pathogenic bacteria, such as pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases. If you wash the perineum with raw water, the bacteria in the water may stick to the vulva, and the labia may even enter the vaginal damage, and grow and multiply at the same time.

According to the results of the analysis, many female patients with genital warts have one thing in common: they wash the perineum with raw water.

Therefore, the relevant experts suggest that women should not use raw water (including warm water or boiling water plus cold water) to clean the perineum, must be boiled before use, so as not to cause disease.


Do not wear metal jewelry.

銆€銆€Summer sweating calcium carbonate, metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, nickel contained in bracelets, chromium will break down sweat, and can penetrate into the skin, causing contact dermatitis.


Soon to wear long stockings.
銆€銆€If you wear long stockings for a long time, even if the sweat pores can not relax, it will affect the discharge of sweat, and the skin metabolism in sweat will stimulate the skin itching and even skin inflammation.