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Small details to make your baby’s life smarter

Small details to make your baby’s life smarter

First, sleep well German scientists have found that children who sleep for 10 hours per night have a decline in performance for children who sleep less than 8 hours per night.

Rest your brain well to improve your intelligence.

  Second, recognized breakfast. American scientists have demonstrated that under the same experimental conditions, children who eat high-protein breakfast gradually eat vegetarian breakfast, while children who do not eat breakfast have worse academic performance.

  Third, listen to music. Music has a healthy brain, develops the potential of the brain, and adjusts the functions of the left and right brains.

Parents should not consider listening to music as a waste of student learning time.

  Fourth, eat more hard food can promote chewing, chewing exercise accelerates facial blood circulation, the amount of blood flowing to the brain increases significantly, and promotes brain development.

  Fifth, scientific evidence to prevent obesity, excessive absorption is prone to produce “too much brain”, that is, a slight accumulation of too much in brain tissue, less wrinkles in the cerebral sulcus, smooth cortex, and affecting intellectual development.

  Six, avoid noise and quiet puzzles, noise loss to the brain, high-intensity noise interferes with brain cell damage and affects intelligence.

  7. When constipation is implanted, food accumulates in the initialization. Under the effect of the initialization bacteria, a large amount of harmful gases and toxins enter the brain through the blood, resulting in normal brain function, affecting students’ memory, logical thinking, and creative thinking.

  Eight, eat more fish, shrimp, fish and shrimp are rich in high-quality protein and zinc, iron and other trace elements, known as “brain gold”.

  Nine, the more dexterous the fingers are, the more positive the brain is in thinking. Finger movements can stimulate cell activity in the right hemisphere of the brain and develop human intelligence.

  X. The fragrant room learns in the fragrant environment, which can enhance people’s memory, eliminate listlessness, improve brain efficiency, and improve the development of brain cell functions.

  Eleven, bare feet “discharge” modern children’s wear, many of which are made of chemical composition. It seems that people are covered with a layer of insulator. If you wear rubber-soled shoes, the static electricity in the volume of the person cannot be given to the earth, so thatToo much will affect the balance of the human body’s endocrine system, interfere with people’s emotions, and cause symptoms such as insomnia and annoyance.

If you walk barefoot, you can not only stimulate the acupoints of your feet, but also drive away excess static electricity accumulated in your body, which is a good way to strengthen your brain.

Cancer pain diet to help you!

Cancer pain diet to help you!

Cancer patients are often accompanied by pain that is difficult to resist, also known as “cancer pain.”

Cancer pain requires intensive care from all aspects of life, especially diet.


Earth Poria and Yujin Honey Drink Ingredients: 60 grams of Poria, 30 grams of turmeric, 30 grams of honey.

  Method: Wash the soil Poria, turmeric, dry or dry, cut into slices, add water to the casserole and soak for a while, thicken for 30 minutes, filter to remove residue, mix honey when the juice is warm, and mixEven, ready to serve.

  Efficacy: Qi and blood circulation, anti-cancer analgesic taking method: 2 times in the morning and evening.


Raw materials of Sanqi Yuanhu garlic paste: 10 grams of Panax notoginseng powder, 10 grams of Yuanhu powder and 50 grams of garlic.

  Method: Wash the Panax notoginseng and Yuanhu, dry it, and grind it into fine powder. Stir well and evenly.

Wash the purple peel garlic, chop it, chop it into garlic paste, stir in the Sanqi and Yuanhu fines, add warm water and stir into a paste to serve.

  Efficacy: Activating blood and qi, anti-cancer and pain relief.

  Dosage: Take 2 servings morning and evening.

Puhuang Lingzhi chicken raw materials: Puhuang 10 g, Wu Ling Zhi 10 g, black-bone chicken.

  Method: The Puhuang and Wulingzhi are dried, ground, put into a multi-layer gauze bag and set aside.

Wash the black-bone chicken, simmer it in a boiling water pot, remove it, and use cold water to cool it. Put the medicine bag into the chicken belly, then put the chicken in the casserole.煨 Boil until the black-bone chicken is rotten and crisp, add green onion, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, spiced powder, boil, remove the medicine bag, and drizzle with sesame oil.

  Efficacy: Activating blood and relieving pain.

This prescription is suitable for cervical cancer pain, especially for cervical cancer pain of internal stasis type.

  How to serve: Served as a meal, eat at will, eat chicken, drink soup, and finish the day.


Ingredients of the four-fragrant bitter gourd analgesic powder: 10 grams of woody incense, 2 grams of agarwood, 6 grams of clove, 10 grams of incense attached, 100 grams of bitter gourd.

  Method: Wash the bitter gourd, peel the skin, simmer the seeds, cut into pieces, dry them, grind them into a fine powder and set aside.

The woody incense, incense stick, agarwood and cloves are mixed separately, the woody incense and incense sticks are washed and dried, and ground together with agarwood and cloves, and then mixed with the bitter gourd finely, and the obtained analgesic powder is divided intoPack into 3 packs and serve.

  Efficacy: Xingqi Qingwei, anti-cancer pain.

This therapeutic formula is particularly suitable for patients with gastric cancer whose epigastric pain is qi stagnation.

  Dosage: 3 times a day, 1 pack each time, warm water 5.

Cactus fried beef raw materials: 100 grams of fresh cactus, 100 grams of beef.

  Method: Wash the fresh cactus, remove thorns, cut into pieces after cutting, and set aside.

Wash the beef, slice it, add cooking wine, refined salt, wet starch and mix well. Grasp and sizing until set aside.

Set the wok on fire, add vegetable oil and burn to 60% heat, add green onion, stir-fry the shabu-shabu with ginger, stir-fry the beef shreds and sauté the beef. When the beef is cooked to nine, add the cactus shreds., Add soy sauce, brown sugar, monosodium glutamate, mix well, blend thin scallion with wet starch, serve.

  Efficacy: anti-cancer and pain relief, tonic and blood circulation.

The food therapy prescription is suitable for various types of gastric cancer, and has better adjuvant treatment effect on patients with gastric cancer having blood stasis.

  How to take it: Serve as a meal, and take it at will.

The life of college students

The life of college students

At 6 am in a dormitory of Weifang College in Shandong, the alarm clock squeaked.

  Ma Hui, a senior girl with the nickname “Juehuang”, bounced up from the bed, put on her clothes casually, and stomped on the bed to turn on the computer.

She is not so active to look for recruitment information on the Internet, or to pick another peach that she will mature at 6:10 in Happy Farm.

With her eyes brightened, she found that the radish on her friend’s farm was ripe the night before, so she stared closely at the dog on her friend’s farm, and stole the radish into her own farm when the dog turned her back unnoticed.

After playing around for a while, Ma Hui climbed up to bed again to continue her awakening.

  Seeing that he will graduate in 3 months, there is no discount yet, and playing games has become Ma Hui’s current state of life.

  ”In addition to eating and sleeping, life may have other meanings, but I don’t think it’s great.

“Some graduates have” granulated and failed “due to long-term running between recruitment units, and they have shown” job fatigue “. Many students say that their current living conditions are” stubborn. ”

  Confused, the virtual game became the spirit of “Happy Farm” that Ma Hui played. It was a small game forced to be installed by her classmate. After installation, she could have a virtual farm, plant radish, potatoes and other vegetables, and go to the classmate.Buddies on your friends ‘farm, weed them, kill insects to earn commissions and experience points, or steal your friends’ mature crops.

This is a game with a very simple design. Ma Hui can’t stop it. “I was addicted as soon as I started playing. I was very happy to see the food on the farm changed to more than 90,000 gold coins.

“The job has not yet been settled. Ma Hui is” paralyzed “on the community website under the banner of writing a graduation thesis.

  ”I feel very confused recently. The more I find work, the more I have no confidence. I am afraid to go out and find no results. I plan to play the parking lot first and then say, ‘Happy Farm’ has become my important spiritual sustenance.

“From the beginning of looking for a job to now, Ma Hui has submitted more than 50 resumes, but not many interviews. Better companies or schools have a master’s degree or higher, and some small companies Ma Hui did not want to go and found suitable results.The other party asked for “men only”, or felt that the work was too difficult to suit herself . In short, she did not have an offer on hand.

  ”Actually I know that playing these games is self-hypnosis and avoiding stress.

I was envious and anxious to see my classmates signing the contract, and I didn’t even dare to go home often. I always felt embarrassed to find a job, but the reality was difficult to change.

Ma Hui believes that in the “Happy Farm”, it is easy to earn a lot of money as long as it is safe to farm. It has a solid feeling, and the biggest fun is to “steal”, and it also satisfies the speculative psychology that he can earn for nothing.

  Avoid, just follow me on the blog. “I don’t just want to hang myself on a tree, but I can’t find a tree that can hang myself.

“Fei Fei (pseudonym), a recent graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, who often laughs at” unemployed vagrants “and” unemployed youth “, said in a blog.

  Faye Wong recently played “missing” and only appeared on the blog.

My friend’s text message didn’t return. I used to take the initiative to make a phone call to my home once a week. Now my family is basically looking for her.

The person most afraid of meeting in school is the mentor.

Once Faye Wong went to the hospital’s office to stamp, and heard the laughter of the instructor outside the door. He waited for a few minutes outside, and dared to enter the door after the instructor had left.

“They see me and the problem is the same-how’s work?

My answer is the same-not found.

“Although in the eyes of many classmates, she is a” bull “: she received a full award for her delivery, published academic papers in core journals, rich professional practice experience, and a variety of reward certificates . but she repeatedly encountered job application failures.Still makes her very depressed: she just applied for the resume of a radio and television group, Shi Shenhai, and she intern at an advertising company some time ago, after two weeks of free labor, the boss knew: “We do n’t want female graduate students, because you get married and have children as soon as you workAlready.

“While Faye repeatedly expressed her determination and promised that she would not marry before and do not intend to have children in the future, the company finally rejected her.

  Faye Wong angrily changed her QQ signature to cursing swearing.

  The round after round of offense in return was followed by “destruction”, “My hopes and confidence were crushed so little by little.

Faye Wong said that she feels tired, worried, and sometimes has insomnia. Even dreaming is often a job-related matter. Seeing an unfamiliar number on a mobile phone will make her inexplicably nervous.

  When she first started looking for a job, Faye Wong would bring the bitter water in her stomach to her family and friends, but she was numb by the blow and she didn’t want to stop like Xiang Linyi.

  Now Faye Wong turns on her computer every day. First, she looks at the QQ, e-mail address, and job search website. Then she writes a school log and blog to record some funny and bitter experiences or summarized experiences during her job application. She set two for her blog.One column-“Stunning Records” and “Enlightened Enlightenment”.

  ”Unemployed nomads, dare not see people, go home for Chinese New Year and hide for N days.

Running around for six months, such as water bamboo baskets, written test interviews, taking part in several times, with few successes and failures, the so-called possibility, passing by.

There is no ambition, just in time for crisis, poor strength, and fateful lives.

“Wang Fei’s posting on the Internet caused a lot of resonance among her classmates, and was even reprinted by some strangers. Many netizens have left messages to cheer her up:” This kind of talent, don’t worry about the way out.

“” I know that everyone cares about me, but I always want to avoid it. When I face them, I often lose my voice, so I talk in the log and tell myself.

“Faye Wong said.

  You need to encourage each other during the tired period of job hunting. “Smoke hard, drink hard, go to the Internet cafe all night until dawn, as long as your eyes can be opened, you will never sleep.””Chen Li, a senior student at Beijing University of Humanities, feels that he has no ideals now, and there is no tomorrow, and that he can find a suitable way to vent, only torture himself.

  Chen Li is a self-study graduate of the administrative management major. During the job search process, he lowered the standards again and again.

Initially, I only circled in the “administrative assistant” position on the newspaper recruitment information and phoned over. As a result, the other party asked to have “more than two years of work experience” and “graduate from a key university.” Chen Li said that he was stunned.

  ”After being rejected more often, I am not a bit confident.

Although Chen Li later also paid attention to the information on the recruitment website, he basically “hands it down”-he wrote down the information but did not call him. In the end, he applied for a waiter on Island Coffee and resigned just two weeks after going to work.”Each 1300 yuan a month is not enough to support myself, and my profession is really wrong.

“” I’m hopeless about my future, I can’t find my emotions to find a job, and going to a job fair is just burning money and frustrating.

“Chen Li is doing nothing every day, he ca n’t find the focus of his life, and his diet is not regular. He often goes to Internet cafes all night to hang out with friends.” I did n’t expect to lose weight like this. In more than a month, I lost weight.More than ten pounds.

“For the life of some college graduates, Teacher Zhang Xingbo of Wuhan University’s College Student Psychological Counseling Center believes that no matter if blogging or playing games, they are all looking for satisfaction on the Internet and ways to relieve stress.

Playing a game can get a direct return, but in reality it is difficult to have an immediate effect; as for writing a log, it is a vent in itself, hoping to attract the attention of a specific group of people.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter to relax occasionally, but if you rely too much on the Internet and are unwilling to communicate with others, it may cause a decline in social skills.

  Some psychologists also said that some college students have entered the “short-term period of job hunting fatigue”. They must pay attention to adjusting their mentality, do not make psychological hints to themselves, and subconsciously feel that they have found a job. Instead, consider this year as an “internship period”, To enrich their experience, you can also set up a job hunting group, everyone in the group to encourage each other and help each other.



A 6-year-old girl with high qualifications suffers from a disorder called “computational disorder”. As soon as she encounters two or more words, she cannot figure it out. She simply adds or subtracts.Not come.

  As soon as Liya encountered multiple words, she couldn’t figure it out.

  The “digitally blind” girl, named Cai, was called Liya.

  Ms. Cai told the “Newspaper” that Liya had no problem reading the text, and she did not understand why her daughter couldn’t read it when she encountered multiple words.

  When the reporter tested her on the spot, she found that her ability to read multiple words was really poor.

For example, she would pronounce “99” as 9 and 9, without knowing that it was 99.

  Asking her to back the multiplier, she also carried the mess around and jumped around.

She contradicts this: “2 by 2 equals 4, 3 by 4 equals 6, and 4 by 5 equals 8.

At first, Ms. Cai thought her daughter was weak in mathematics, so she kept tutoring her, and sent her to the post-school hosting center for tutoring.

However, no matter how bad Liya makes up for, her math paper is still Man Jianghong.

Mr. Chen, the principal of the hosting center, the Baptist Community Care Center, also personally taught her, and it has not improved for several weeks.

  Because Liya’s mistakes were too wrong, the principal gave her an IQ.

Unexpectedly, the IQ test showed that instead of being mentally handicapped, she was still qualified.

  Mr. Chen then tested her for dyslexia.

Although the test results showed that Liya had dyslexia, it was very mild and not so bad.

Mr. Chen gave her a calculation disorder test, only to find out that she had a calculation disorder.

  After finding the reason, Ms. Cai finally breathed a sigh of relief. She told reporters: “At least, we know what went wrong, and we can only help her.

“Patients are often too nervous. The so-called” computational disorder “refers to having difficulty learning multiple words. In some cases, there is no specific information that can explain the situation of Singaporeans.

  According to the “Newspaper”, in the UK, 4 to 5% of the population has similar symptoms.

If a child suffers from this condition, he or she will have difficulty remembering one by one, and they will also find it difficult to understand the relevant language.

This pattern also often leads to excessive tension in patients.

  However, children who may experience this symptom can cope with ordinary arithmetic and math classes after special instruction.

  Of course, if a child has an arithmetic problem, it is not necessarily caused by Dyscalculia. Parents should not be overly alarmed.

White-collar workers can’t sleep enough to save sleep.

White-collar workers can’t sleep enough to save sleep.

Work pressure is high, many office workers are busy during the day, and they still work in bed at night, affecting the quality of sleep.

The nightlife of the city is becoming more and more abundant. Many office workers are also keen on the rich nightlife after work. This increases the compression time of the night, which causes many people to feel that they are not awake every day.

What is even more tragic is that those white-collar workers who often work overtime have to sacrifice their sleep time in order to complete the work in time and quality.

Whether it is the quality of sleep caused by troubles and stress, or the misunderstanding of sleep time due to various reasons, every day feels sleepless and becomes a common state of urban white-collar workers. Such physical state affects both work efficiency and health.


hzh {display: none; }  睡不醒:每天昏昏沉沉  对于白领王小姐来说,世上最难听的声音可能就是闹钟铃声。Every morning, she was awakened by the alarm bell, washed in the stupid, and then dragged the body that had not yet woken up to continue to make up the road, the bus became the second bed, so Miss Wang often sat.
In the morning, I was working in a groggy way. I finally got to work after work, but I couldn’t finish my work. I was in a hurry and couldn’t continue working overtime.

Finally, one day, I don’t have to work overtime. It’s another gathering of friends and so on. I have to get home very late every day.

“When I finally went to bed, I found that it was not easy to fall asleep, and all kinds of work scenes always appeared in my head.

It’s hard to sleep on my own, but I often wake up at night.” Although I can sleep at home on weekends, I can’t keep myself full, no matter how long I sleep, tired and sleepy.

  According to Professor Chen Yujie from the Department of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Sichuan Province, many white-collar workers with fast-paced and mental work in the military are characterized by high pace of work, complex interpersonal relationships and pursuit of life.Problems, long-term insomnia and other sleep disturbances are becoming more and more serious, which not only affects health, but also causes a decline in work efficiency and quality of life.

  Didn’t sleep enough: I can’t make up for it. What is the continuity of sleep?

A random survey by the reporter found that most people will answer the troubles of life and work, and the second is that the habit of sleeping is not well.

In real life, people have to face problems such as survival, work, child education, interpersonal relationships, etc., often go to bed with problems, which will lead to difficulty falling asleep and poor quality.

Miss Wang is a typical group.

Many people think too much before going to sleep, even if they fall asleep, they will also be easy to wake up, dreaming, etc., seriously affecting the quality of sleep.

Among these people, the most white-collar workers, because of the fast pace of work, the intensity of work, so that sleep time, sleep patterns are often destroyed.

  Experts believe that no matter how much sleep and sleep, because the human body clock is relatively fixed, people’s sleep should be regular. If there is no rule, the quality of sleep is difficult to guarantee.

Nowadays, many people have rich nightlife, often K songs, and they are late at night.

I also like to chat online at home, watch TV, watch movies, play cards, etc. It is very late, the brain is in a state of high excitement, it is difficult to fall asleep.

Some people like to smoke before going to bed, drinking tea, drinking coffee, can also cause brain central nervous system excitement, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Experts pointed out that 7 should be guaranteed every day?
8 hours of sleep time, can not be occupied because of other things, or it will not be worth the candle.

  According to Professor Chen, many people now have a misunderstanding that they can make up for not sleeping enough.

Many white-collar workers work overtime on weekdays, and sleep on weekends to make up for it. Sometimes they sleep until afternoon or even evening.

In fact, this will never make up for lost sleep, and will soon break the normal sleep pattern.

Experts suggest that people who feel that they can’t sleep during the day can take a nap or take a nap for a while, so that they can wake up more clearly.

  Relaxation: Scientific and reasonable sleep Because of chronic lack of sleep, the brain does not get enough rest, often has headaches, dizziness, memory loss, loss of appetite, etc., long-term sub-health state will seriously affect the health of the body.

Insomnia does not mean that you can’t sleep, but it also includes difficulty sleeping, dreaming, and waking up.

Sleeping badly is sometimes morbid.

According to experts, insomnia symptoms can be divided into difficulty sleeping, easy to wake up in the middle, difficult to sleep and wake up too early, etc., should be adjusted from many aspects.

To deal with insomnia caused by physical causes, you need to cure your body disease first.

If you want to reduce your psychological stress, try not to take your unit home! Don’t let your unpleasant mood linger and adjust your mind.

  Experts also suggest that the most effective way to deal with insomnia is to develop good habits, such as regular bedtime, to create a comfortable sleeping environment, do not eat 3 hours before going to bed, do not drink too much at night, do not drink coffee or tea before going to bedWait.
You can take a hot bath before going to bed. After bathing, you can relax your nerves by stepping on the soles of your feet and palms.

Old Chinese medicine sub-health symptom solution: sleep time is getting shorter and shorter (blood shortage)

Red beans are a tonic for women during physiological periods

Red beans are a tonic for women during physiological periods

Chinese people have a habit of eating “beans”, such as red beans, mung beans and their soy products.

Although red beans and mung beans are the same as the “guards” of human health, their “dispositions” are not the same. We only have a better understanding of the characteristics of these “beans” before we can adjust them according to their physical conditions.To achieve more with less.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that red bean is flat, sweet and sour, non-toxic, and has the functions of nourishing and strengthening, strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing water and dehumidifying, clearing heat and detoxifying, passing milk and blood, and is especially suitable for the diet of various edema patients.

Modern research has found that red beans also contain a saponin, which can promote bowel movements and urination, and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on edema caused by heart disease or kidney disease.

  The mung beans are sweet and cold, and have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, and reducing heat and thirst.

Modern medical research has shown that mung beans are rich in protein, and the raw mung bean milk has a high protein content, which can protect the dialysis mucosa.

In addition, the phytosterols contained in mung beans can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in series, prevent the conversion of cholesterol synthesis, etc., thereby reducing the effect of serum plasma content, which is particularly suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia.

  Although these two types of beans each have their “advantages”, it is important to remind that red beans are particularly suitable for women.

Red soybean meal is iron and has the effect of nourishing blood. It is a tonic for women during physiological period.

According to Japanese tradition, the mother will cook a pot of red bean rice when her daughter’s first menstrual period. In addition to the meaning of blessing the girl to become a woman, it also has the essential effect of supplementing menstrual nutrition and preventing iron deficiency anemia.

  Many young mothers are often anxious for lack of milk or no milk at all.

In the traditional food therapy in the motherland, there are too many lactation prescriptions and prescriptions.

Insufficient milk caused by insufficient blood and blood can be taken into supplements such as trotter soup.

For breast tenderness caused by qi and blood stagnation, patients with low milk still need red beans to help.

Red beans have the effect of reducing bloating and passing through milk. Every morning and evening, 120 grams of red beans are used to make porridge, which can be eaten for 3-5 days.

9 o’clock suggest to work out

9 o’clock suggest to work out

How can I take time to care more about myself?

Please accept the following 9 simple but extremely effective suggestions. Soon you will feel that you have increased your physical activity, energetic, and restored youth and confidence.

This method is tailored by Spanish scholars for modern women who are busy all day.

Water flowers.

A variety of indoor plants at home and in the workplace. Put some flower pots on the ground or on a low flower stand, and some are hung high. Every day you have to put a little bit of flower pots in order to water the flowers.Squatting forward, or lifting your toes to reach those high-hanging flower pots, the process of continuously squatting and standing is simply a remake of aerobics. This exercise process is best performed after waking up in the morning. Squatting will drive the hipsMuscles, while lame feet help stretch leg and abdominal muscles.

Lift the book.

In order to move everything, modern women should make full use of their hands. This simple method can work. For example, it happens at the same time as a phone call. Just take a big thick book and lift it up with your hands in turn.The musculature of the head prevents it from sagging and overall helps to lose weight.


Sit down and hug the knee joint of one leg with both hands, and work hard to raise the leg so that it stretches straight to the chin.

At the same time, keep your back straight. If you move 10 times a day, your abdomen will fall.

Forget the elevator.

To move your legs, it is best to walk up and down the stairs. The effect will be better if you stand on your toes. This is a great way to build muscles and promote blood circulation.

Get active.

Do you spend a lot of time at a computer or computer desk?

Please do the following simple movements every hour on average: get up, raise your hands, lift up, and put your fingers toward the ceiling.

Take care to keep your back straight and keep your feet off the ground.

When sitting, you can often lift your legs tens of centimeters under the table to reduce fatigue and make the abdominal muscles stronger.

Take a walk.

Whether at home or at work, don’t let go even if there is only a few minutes of rest. Make the most of this limited time, even if you are walking to a high level, it is good to be breathable.

Get off one stop earlier.

Don’t forget that while walking is simple, it is very beneficial to physiology.

If you need to take the subway or bus to work or go out, it is best to get off one stop in advance and walk to your destination.

Dance up.

Go home, put on your favorite tape, and jump up with the beat. Your body instinctively performs the exercises you need most at this moment. You can relax and eliminate all the stress that has accumulated in a day. You will feel many times after jumping for 10 minutes.Your body is comfortable and your mood has become pleasant.

Take a deep breath.

The best, and simplest, most accustomed exercise is to take a deep breath.

Either sit in a chair or stand by an open window and slowly inhale deeply, feeling that the gas is gradually entering your lungs.

The body is full of vitality.

Then exhale slowly as well, imagine detachment from everything that invades you at the moment, and repeat it several times.

Sexual life of beautiful women is more prone to detune

Sexual life of beautiful women is more prone to detune

The important reason for the high proportion of beautiful women with sexual misconduct is due to psychological imbalances in marriage.

Because of their natural beauty, they are particularly sensitive to marriage, love, and their beauty. Some small things that others consider to be trivial will also set off a tide in their hearts and affect their sexual life.

It is mainly manifested in the following five aspects: 1. Passive marriage: In the real life where rights and material are higher than love, pretty women or seek power, or covet love, and voluntarily or involuntarily marry someone they do not like.
Insufficient sexual life during the honeymoon may be harmonious due to physiological needs, but the shift of time shifts, sexual life is often affected or influenced by power and money.

Marriage without love, gradually awaken these women, re-understand the dignity of self and women, under the transfer of unbearable and must tolerate this passive marriage, leading to psychological imbalance in the contradiction between physical needs and love needs, making sexualPsychological imbalances also appear.

  Second, sexual harassment: beauty is common to all, beautiful women are easy to be the target of men chasing, some people with bad thinking and moral corruption, seeing beautiful women like crazy bees and butterflies, excessive harassment on them, So that they will have a sense of alertness to men, even if they are having sex with her favorite husband, they may have sexual unbalance due to subconscious suddenness.

Moreover, the chances of beautiful women being sexually raped worsen. Once “lost” or humiliated, the injured heart is difficult to heal, and the guilt that is suppressed in the heart is often fully reflected in sexual life.

The sexual apathy caused by these situations often causes the husband to feel inexplicable, which causes suspicion and depression, which in turn deepens the sexual apathy of women.

  Third, fear of pregnancy, pregnancy: Although good shape is cherished by beautiful women, pregnancy, fertility changes caused by body shape is an alternative fact.

Because of her particular fear of pregnancy, she was nervous about her sexual life. She often avoided taboos and often caused them to detune in sex.

Especially those women who have become pregnant due to the failure of contraception and take precautionary measures will have a fear of pregnancy for a long period of time, and therefore emotional fluctuations in sexual life, which will greatly affect the quality of sexual life.

_China Sexual Health Network Fourth, fear of damaging the face: fatigue after sex, and some kind of prejudice against sex, make them afraid of whether sexual life will affect their appearance.

They will think that the labor in sex life and the fatigue after sex life are the same as the physical beauty affecting the beauty, so they should restrain their sex life.

In fact, normal sexual life, instead of increasing skin wrinkles, will promote female estrogen secretion, increase skin elasticity and maintain beauty.

The pleasure brought by normal sex life, the change of psychology is maintained in a good state, and women with harmonious family and harmonious sex life are often not prone to aging.

  Fifth, sexual expectations are too high: beautiful women are often complimented and easily accepted by others.

Therefore, they usually do things smoothly, have higher expectations for various things, and get better results.

Even if Ruyi Langjun is found, her husband is more concerned about her. However, due to the special nature of sex and many unpredictable problems, such as the other party’s entertainment, work fatigue, poor constitution, mood swings, illness, etc.,Sometimes it is difficult to meet the requirements of women in sex.

A certain failure of sexual life led to these women not only from the perspective of paying attention to each other, but on the same material and spiritual life requirements, all with high standards, thus feeling aggrieved.

This psychological accumulation of emotions, although it won’t affect the couple’s feelings very quickly, will plant the root of future sexual mismatches.

The higher the sexual expectation value, the more prone to sexual apathy, especially when beautiful women are in good times.

White-collar workers should eat more staple foods to add glucose

White-collar workers should eat more staple foods to add glucose

It is said that according to a survey of white-collar workers in Shanghai, white-collar workers generally have less substitutes for staple foods. Many white-collar workers think that eating more staple foods is particularly easy to gain weight, and some nutrition experts have pointed out that during the mental work of white-collar workers, glucose is the only one in the brain.As a source of energy, lack of carbohydrates can cause white-collar workers to easily feel tired.

May wish to make a few delicious rice balls with rice and vegetables and shrimp in the morning, not only nutrition can provide enough energy!

Anchovy rice ball ingredients: 100g of rice, 150g of fresh shrimp, 1/2 of carrot, 5 shiitake mushrooms, 1/2 of cucumber, salt, cooking oil Moderate method: 1. Clean the fresh prawns and open the backShrimp glands, peel off the shrimps, sprinkle some salt, grab and marinate them, put some oil in the pan, fry the peeled shrimps for later use; 2. Wash the carrots, shiitake mushrooms and cucumbers, chop them into pieces, and put in the oilFry until the carrots are soft. Pour the rice into the pot, sprinkle with salt, and stir well; 3, after the fried rice is slightly dry, put the plastic wrap on the hand, put 1 tablespoon of rice in the hand, add oneShrimps, rice wraps the shrimps, reveals the tails of the shrimps, and keeps the balls tight. Arrange the tails of the shrimps to spread them out, and then make all the rice balls ready to eat.

First, white-collar workers suffer from obesity enough to resist fatigue. White-collar workers often feel tired. There are many reasons for fatigue. It may be too much workload and lack of sleep. It may be a lack of B vitamins. It may be iron deficiency caused by iron deficiency anemia.Of course, there may also be insufficient absorption of staple foods, resulting in insufficient energy to support a day’s work, protein breakdown and energy supply leading to insufficient protein and fatigue.

There are many rumors on the Internet that it is not good to eat more staple foods. This has caused many white-collar workers who have been sitting and working for a short period of time.disease.

However, for mental workers such as white-collar workers, the brain’s energy is only glucose, and the staple food residue starch is the main source of glucose. Therefore, for white-collar workers, sufficient staple food is very important and sufficient vitamins are added.Can reduce the consumption of protein in the body, so as to be more conducive to maintaining health.

Therefore, don’t blindly reject all staple foods!

Second, the staple food that is matched with vegetables and fruit protein for the staple food has been criticized because the staple foods such as rice and wheat are basically based on themselves, and the nutrient structure is too simple. If you eat only staple foods, it is easy to cause white-collar vitamins, mineralMaterial, protein and other important nutrients are insufficiently absorbed, so white-collar workers need to spend more time to choose staple food!

It can be paired with vegetables, white meat and mushroom-type rice balls like today, supplemented with fiber, vitamins and high-quality protein; you can also use ham or bacon with white bread, then add lettuce and tomatoes to make a delicious sandwich; or use boiledThe main ingredients of potatoes, with delicious salads such as vegetables, fruits, nuts . are good choices for white-collar workers!

As long as you use your brain, you can eat healthy food as well!

Nursing mothers: Do n’t give your child “hot milk”

Nursing mothers: Do n’t give your child “hot milk”

The breastfeeding mother’s endocrine system will be affected during anger, anxiety, tension, and fatigue, and the quality of the secreted milk will also change, which may be harmful to the baby’s health.
  Ms. Liu, who is breast-feeding, has hardly had any problems lately: her husband’s business is not very good, and she is eager to follow; she did not expect that she took a child while trading stocks, and she gained a lot of money along the way.All the quilts were quilted; what depressed her more was that the 4-month-old baby had become very irritable after drinking milk recently, often crying somehow.
  She found that her milk seemed to be less than the previous two months, and her color seemed to be wrong. This series of changes made her messy and confused.
The old lady of the neighbor said that the baby is likely to drink “hot milk”, and this milk is produced because Ms. Liu’s mood fluctuates too much and her own blood and blood are affected, which also changes the quality of milk.
  Milk is transformed from blood gas. According to experts, our ancestors have accumulated very rich parenting experience.
“Preparing for a Thousands of Money” written by a great medical scientist in the Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao, has long pointed out: “Anyone who cares for her breasts has milk.
Five emotions, good and evil, learn about the birth of blood.
Those who are infants must be of good temperament.
In layman’s terms, the milk of a nursing mother is transformed from her blood.
The five emotions, good and evil, are all related to blood gas transformation.
If the yin and yang are overwhelming and the qi and blood are not running properly, the secreted milk will be affected, and it will even directly affect the healthy growth of the newborn.
  Therefore, wealthy people in the old society asked for nursing mothers. In addition to their health, they must be kind and gentle.
Because the baby’s personality is strong, violent, or mild and quiet, it has a great influence on the baby’s temperament, and even affects its personality and intellectual development.
  In “Preparing for a Thousands of Money”, Sun Simiao also clearly stated: “The mother is angry with the baby, which surprises the child, causes hernia, and makes the child crazy.
The mother vomits her baby, which makes her ill.
The mother was drunk with her baby, which filled her with hot belly.
That is to say, breastfeeding a baby after it is angry can easily frighten the baby, cause hernia, and cause babies to suffer from asthma and mania.The baby is weak and weak.
If you breastfeed after getting drunk, your baby will have a fever and a full stomach.
  情绪波动影响乳汁质和量  广州市中医院副院长、主任医师徐雯认为,现代人的生活节奏越来越快,生活和工作环境也较紧张嘈杂,而且会经常遇到各种费脑筋的Interpersonal relationships need to be dealt with. Many factors make people’s emotions fluctuate greatly. Breastfeeding is no exception. Irritability, surprise, depression, anger, depression . Various extreme emotions can occur at any time, and its endocrine system will be affected.To the quality and quantity of milk secretion, so there is a “hot milk” said.
  In fact, the topic of “hot milk” has long been said in Chinese folk.
She said that this statement is in line with what the Chinese medicine called “seven emotions cause disease.”
When lactating mothers are angry, anxious, nervous, and fatigued, they can easily cause liver stagnation and qi stagnation, and even produce blood stasis, resulting in a small amount of milk or even discoloration.
In this case, the baby’s heart rate will increase with the drinking of his mother’s milk, and he will become irritable, and even sleepless at night, crying, and accompanied by digestive disorders, which is a manifestation of internal heat.
  From the point of view of western medicine, in the case of mother’s excessive stress and irritability, because the mother is in an emergency state, the secretion of adrenaline increases, and the secretion of milk will also be affected.
According to reports, a physiologist in the United States has confirmed through experiments that when a person is angry, a “toxin” can be produced in the body. This “toxin” may even change the color of the water and even cause precipitation.
Based on this experiment, experts reminded that breastfeeding mothers feeding their babies when they are angry or just out of breath may cause their babies to inhale milk with “toxins”.
In addition, various emotional fluctuations often affect the cerebral cortex of lactating mothers, which may inhibit the secretion of prolactin and cause the mother to have milk deficiency.
  稳定情绪才能保证乳质  专家指出,要保持充足的乳汁,哺乳期的妈妈除了要有充分的睡眠和休息外,还要避免精神和情绪上的不稳定,所以最好不要炒股或做其他会令Emotional ups and downs should be relaxed, listen to music, read some good books, do some exercise, stabilize your emotions in various ways, and try to maintain a peaceful mood. This is to ensure the quality of milk secretion andThe amount will play a better role.
  In addition, you can drink plenty of water and milk to ensure the amount of moisture and calcium. Pay attention to nutritional matching in your diet. Eat animal foods and soy products, fresh vegetables and fruits.
In addition, you can also eat seaweed, seaweed shrimp and other seafood that are rich in calcium and iodine.
  提醒:可能产生“热奶”的几种情况  专家称,如遇以下几种情况,哺乳期的妈妈可能分泌出“热奶”,最好不要马上给宝宝哺乳:  房事后不可立即哺乳:我国古代Many medical books have recorded that nursing mothers should not breastfeed immediately after sex.
  Because the nursing mother is very excited during sexual life, Chinese medicine believes that “moving inside the fire” will affect the quality of the milk and is not good for the baby.
In fact, when a person is in mood, sorrow, or emotion, the metabolism in the body is different from the quiet state, which inevitably affects the quality of breast milk. At this time, breastfeeding is not good for children’s health.
  It is not advisable to feed immediately after bathing: In the winter, many mothers who are breastfeeding like to take a hot bath and warmly hold the baby to feed him.
However, experts believe that mothers are not suitable for breastfeeding immediately after taking a hot bath, because hot water baths, body heat transpiration, and breast milk is also affected by heat. At this time, feeding, “hot milk” may hurt the baby.
The ancient parenting guidelines have clearly stipulated that in the above circumstances, the nursing mother should “settle for a long time”, and then “pinch off the” hot milk “and then milk it”.
  Similarly, in the hot summer, many mothers also bathe in cold water. In this case, the blood vessels of the mother’s body are contracted by cold, and the breast milk is affected by the cold, and its quality and quantity may also change.
Babies are prone to discomfort after eating such breast milk.  In addition, the baby should not drink milk immediately after taking a bath.

Because in this case, the breath of the child changes, feeding the breath at an irregular time will reduce the damage to the baby’s spleen and stomach, and may even suffer from red dysentery.

  Therefore, after taking a bath, take a proper rest time, wait for the breath to settle, then gently rub the breasts, and then feed the baby to ensure that the baby is safe and disease-free.

  Go too fast to breastfeed immediately: Generally, after maternity leave, some mothers will continue to breastfeed their babies and often rush to their homes after work. Experts say that “hot milk” may also occur in this case.It is recommended not to feed your baby immediately after returning home, it is better to rest for 15?
Feed after 20 minutes.