Cordyceps sinensis

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Cordyceps sinensis


Cordyceps sinensis

It is not necessary to deify the mother of Cordyceps. I have been suffering from bronchial diseases for 14 years. Every time I suffer from fatigue or climate change, I am sick. I am usually weak and prone to catch a cold. When I have a cough and an air attack, I am sweating, cold and chills, night sweats.

銆€銆€Feng Mingqing, chief physician of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, treated her for treatment. According to her pulse and reddish tongue, thin white fur, thin pulse, and weak lung and yin, the prescription of supplementing lung and yin contains Cordyceps sinensis.several.

A month later, Ms. Wang coughed and relieved her anger, her face was ruddy and her diet increased. Her surprise was: “It is the magical effect of Cordyceps!

Dr. Feng warned her that Cordyceps has a certain therapeutic effect, but it varies from person to person and cannot be regarded as a fetish.

Cordyceps sinensis is a complex of the larvae of the larvae of the larvae of the larvae of the larvae of the larvae of the larvae of the larvae.

It is listed as the three major tonics in China along with ginseng and velvet antler.

Chinese medicine believes that Cordyceps into the lung and kidney two, can not only fill the lung yin, but also tonic kidney, attending kidney deficiency, impotence and nocturnal emission, waist and knee pain, weakness after illness.

銆€銆€The patients here need to understand that the 鈥渒idney鈥?referred to by Western medicine is the kidney, while the 鈥渒idney鈥?of Chinese medicine means more extensive, including the functions of growth and development and reproductive system.

In the view of Chinese medicine, there is insufficient essence in the kidney, and there are a series of premature aging phenomena such as thinning hair, dim vision, weak waist and knees, decreased memory, and decreased sexual function.

Ancient medical classics “medicine test” cloud: “Chongcao secret essence and Qi, special life gate (kidney).”

銆€銆€However, Cordyceps is not a panacea for all diseases. The efficacy is very common. Even if it is a chronic cough and asthma that treats both lung and kidney deficiency, it can only be used as an auxiliary drug, and it can be used when there is little or no sputum.Sexual asthma is basically useless.

Such as a cough caused by a cold or other acute cough, eating Cordyceps sinensis, not only can not stop cough, but it leads to increased cough, and lingering difficult.

In addition, its kidney function is limited to mild renal dysfunction, but it has no effect on renal failure.

銆€銆€How to use Cordyceps?

Dr. Feng said that people who are physically weak after illness, or who are vulnerable to colds and chills, can use Cordyceps with meat such as pork lean meat, chicken or duck meat to be completely stewed.

Cordyceps sinensis is used together with tonic in clinical use, and the effect of tonic is more fully utilized. It should be taken by Chinese medicine experts according to the condition of the disease, and should not be arbitrarily matched to avoid counterproductive.

銆€銆€Dr. Feng specially reminded that he found that he was overcharged in the clinic to fake the true Cordyceps sinensis. Because the Cordyceps sinensis was born in the snowfield, the amount was scarce and difficult to pick, so it was as expensive as gold.

Therefore, buy Cordyceps do not go to the stalls, streets, tourist spots to buy, it is best to ask a professional Chinese pharmacist for identification and then purchase.