20 minutes bed body needs

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20 minutes bed body needs


20 minutes bed body needs

Alexander the Great lamented that “only sleep and sex make me feel that I am not immortal.”

What he means is that he feels the joy of sex like a mortal.

In addition to the temperament brought by sex, today’s sexologists have discovered that sex can satisfy the needs of the body and Miconal.

銆€銆€The brain 鈫?hypnosis perfect sex has a sleep aid effect.

銆€銆€After a smooth sexual exercise, the brain is blank and the secretion of sleep hormone-pine nutrient increases.

The nervous body begins to relax, the muscles can satisfy the tiredness after the recovery, and the sleepiness naturally comes to eliminate insomnia.

Tip: This is the theoretical basis for a man to sleep after sex. Don’t blame him for being too purposeful, and you are very tired. It is a beautiful thing to sleep together.

銆€銆€Skin 鈫?Breast Enhancement For women, estrogen can keep women in good blood circulation. Women with regular sex and estrogen levels are much higher than women who occasionally have sex.

Estrogen can promote the growth of breast mammary ducts and pericardial tissues, assist progesterone to promote the development of breast lobule and acinar structure, make the breast firm and plump, and maintain a beautiful and proud curve of women.

Tip: Although sexual exercise can help breast enlargement, because it involves subtle hormone levels, too much stimulation can cause confusion and estrogen, causing a crisis in the breast.

So sex is just modest.

銆€銆€Heart 鈫?heart-building is a bed exercise.

Unconsciously deepening the breathing in sexual exercise, the lung capacity increases, the amount of oxygen in the body increases, the blood can carry more oxygen to the organs and tissues, and the function of the heart organs, especially the heart organs, will be more robust.

Couples who often have a harmonious life are at least 10% less likely to have a heart attack than the average person.

Tip: Not every time you can achieve the “double swords combined” realm, do not deliberately pursue orgasm, if you assume that men are required to repeatedly “hidden”, they will need more blood oxygen, which will increase the burden on the heart.

銆€銆€Joint 鈫?analgesic life (especially during high tide) can alleviate the pain caused by trauma, especially joint pain.

Sexual life stimulates the central nervous system of the brain and secretes a chemical called a polyphenol, which is quite effective in relieving pain.

Exogenous sputum released during sexual excitement and orgasm can increase the ability to endure pain.

Orgasm can even increase the limit of women’s pain by 70%.

Massage and heating of the body during sexual activity may also relieve pain.

Tip: Don’t deliberately challenge the quirky position because you are worried about “routine business”, especially if you don’t fully “warm up” the distortion, it will lead to sprains and joint damage.

Moreover, not only the joints are injured, but also 30% of the vulvar damage is caused by the inconsistency.

銆€銆€Skin 鈫?skin acne, acne, dark spots and other skin diseases are associated with poor blood circulation in the skin.

Sexual love and tenderness, emotional agitation, neuroendocrine system function transformation.

At this time, the heart beats faster, the breathing deepens, and the blood circulation and metabolism are promoted in an all-round way. The secretion of ovary and adrenal hormones is simultaneously increased, the skin can maintain excessive moisture, the elasticity is increased, the appearance is delicate, the nails are bright and elastic, and the hair becomes smooth.

Tip: Replenish water after sexual exercise.

The “large amount of exercise” just made the body consume a lot of water, and the body can be replenished in time to restore normalness and the skin is smoother.

銆€銆€People who are satisfied with high body 鈫?decompression life are usually more tolerant and may suffer from depression.

When making love, the human body produces a pleasant hormone, the so-called “psychological cocktail.”

It has an unexpected relaxation effect that can alleviate uncontrollable emotional bursts for up to 12 hours.

It usually improves people’s creativity. Proper sex life helps prevent brain deterioration and promote metabolism. Cell regeneration is better, and the speed of memory loss can make people smarter.

Tip: Not every time the sex is perfect, if you always expect the two sides to be uniform, reach the climax in a consistent manner, and assume that the task must meet certain standards, it can become pressure, not decompression.
銆€銆€The reproductive system 鈫?sterilization experiment proves that there is an antibacterial substance 鈥渟emen cytoplasmin鈥?in semen. It is a protein with special functions. Once it enters the cells of the cells, it can prevent the bacteria from multiplying, so it can kill staphylococcus.Streptococcus, pneumococcal and other pathogenic bacteria.

Semen can not only kill bacteria in the vagina, but also eliminate the bacteria in the uterus and ovaries. It is a natural protection system for the reproductive system.

Tip: Only in addition to condoms, other contraceptive measures have been effectively used, such as birth control pills, intrauterine devices, etc. Sexual safety is an alternative to everything, in any case.

銆€銆€Abdomen 鈫?reduce menstrual bloating in women 5-7 minutes before menstruation, increased blood in the transplanted pelvis, may cause swelling and rupture, leading to abdominal distension or abdominal pain.

The muscle contraction movement in sexual life can replace the pelvic area by blood, enter the blood circulation, and reduce the pelvic pressure, thus replacing obesity.

Tip: At this time, if the female upper body position is adopted, the pelvic organs such as the uterus, the attachment, the bladder and the like are easily displaced when the sexual exercise is especially high, and the surrounding tissue is pulled, which causes abdominal pain.