How to eat bronchial pneumonia in children is better

Nov 22, 2019 PvhjXm

How to eat bronchial pneumonia in children is better


How to eat bronchial pneumonia in children is better

Once the baby is sick, he should be treated and treated as soon as possible to reduce the pain of the baby. There are many food treatments suitable for the baby in life. They have certain curative effects, and they become safer than drugs.So how is the bronchial pneumonia in children better?

Here are some recommended recipes for bronchopneumonia in children.

Pediatric bronchial pneumonia food supplement 1, peanut rock sugar soup peanut kernel 100?
150 grams, 50 grams of rock sugar.

Wash the peanut kernels, put them into the pot with the rock sugar, add 2 bowls of water to cook together, until the peanut kernels are cooked, eat peanuts and drink soup.

1 dose / day, divided into 2?
3 times finished, even served 5?

2, Tremella rock sugar Sydney water[material]1 water white fungus, 1 Sydney, 15 grams of rock sugar.

[Practice]Wash the Sydney, peel, core, cut into pieces; wash the water with white fungus, remove impurities, tear into pieces for use.

Add Sydney and Tremella together in a casserole, boil the soup with a small heat, add the rock sugar and cook.

銆怑ffect銆?Run lung and cough, have a better therapeutic effect on bronchial pneumonia.

Suitable for babies over 1 year old.

3, duck egg honey soup[material]1 duck egg, honey amount.

[Practice]Put the right amount of water in the pot, boil the duck egg, then add honey and cook it.

銆怑fficacy銆?Tonic and moisturizing the lungs, suitable for the recovery period of pneumonia.

銆怣ethod銆?Take 2 times a day, take it on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, and eat egg soup.

4, peach kernel sugar pear water[material]walnut, 30 grams of rock sugar, 150 grams of pears.

[Practice]Pears are washed and cut into pieces, and broken together with walnut kernels.

Add rock sugar and add water to cook.

銆怣ethod銆?This meal is suitable for children with bronchopneumonia, 1 spoon each time, 3 times a day.

Tips: The baby needs to be treated reasonably by the doctor. The therapeutic side has great limitations. It only plays an auxiliary role. For example, usage, dosage, applicable population, and applicable time will vary from person to person.

Therefore, before giving your baby a therapeutic treatment, you must ask an expert to use the baby’s own physical condition, scientifically and reasonably.