Vacation paradise on the Pacific Ocean in Saipan

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Vacation paradise on the Pacific Ocean in Saipan


Vacation paradise on the Pacific Ocean in Saipan

If you love the purity of the Maldives, and fear that the holidays are not enough; if you love the luxury of Europe, you are afraid of cost overruns; if you love the enthusiasm of Hawaii, you are afraid of the long distance; if you love the cheapness of Phuket, you are afraid of crowds.
.then, then consider going to the Pacific Ocean’s paradise – Saipan, USA for a trip!

Here, all dreams will become reality.

銆€銆€Saipan is the capital of the United States’ Northern Mariana Islands Federation and the largest of its kind. The continuous coral reefs encircle the entire island and watch the world’s highest peaks, like the aura of Jesus on the island.

Saipan has a clear blue sky, emerald blue water and fine white sand.

Especially the sea water, under the refraction of sunlight, will show different colors such as light green, green, dark blue, and ink blue, just like a colorful “presentation”, which is dazzling and dazzling, and is called “seven colors sea” by tourists.

銆€銆€Saipan has a tropical maritime climate, with little change in temperature during the year, with an average annual temperature of 27 掳C.

The abundant sunshine, warm beaches and clear waters make it a dream place for diving enthusiasts all over the world!

There are more than 20 dive sites on the island, and the visibility in the sea can reach 30 meters.

Put on the goggles and plunged into the sea, you will be surprised to find yourself entering the fairy tale world: countless tropical fish swim around, you can touch the living starfish, the sea participates in the coral.

Located in the northeast corner of Saipan, the 鈥淏lue Hole鈥?is Saipan’s most famous diving spot and has been replaced by the world’s leading professional diving media 鈥淒iving Magazine鈥?

Divers from all over the world come here to explore coral reefs scattered around the territory, huge cracks, deep sea cliffs, large marine life, wrecks of the Second World War and wreckage of warplanes.

In addition to diving in Saipan, there are other activities that must be experienced in Saipan – Jungle Adventures and Sunset Cruises.

Riding a jeep on a bumpy road is an alternative to Saipan.

Visitors can rent off-road jeep for adventure tours.

Jeep tours are mainly based on the central mountainous attractions. It usually takes half a day for a trip. Take the cross-island road and go to see the wonders of nature – the side beach, the crocodile head beach, and then the Virgin Mary statue.Then head to the highest peak in Saipan to break through the tide mountain and look at the 360-degree panoramic view of Saipan.

It is worth mentioning that the local Chamorro people in Saipan will come out with wild coconuts to entertain guests, and will perform cockfighting, allowing visitors to watch Saipan’s coconut crabs and large lizards.

The Sunset Cruise Dinner is a romantic dinner tour: in the afterglow of the setting sun, the slow sailing boat in the Pacific Ocean, the air is filled with the fragrance of attractive food, the sea breeze is mixed with a trace of salty sea water. NightAs the advent, the sun retracts its last touch of afterglow, and everyone dances in the enchanting and cozy changes of the song, reflecting the tranquility and tranquility of the sea as a mirror. The sunset cruise dinner is sure to be the best choice for couples or families!

銆€銆€The lush Saipan is the perfect combination of modern civilization and nature.

On one side is a natural rainforest and a variety of tropical animals that inhabit, and on the other side is a luxury resort.

Located in the Saipan Yuetai Hotel in downtown Saipan, next to Saipan’s most beautiful Microro Beach, every night at 6pm, the most exciting national dinner show!

If this is not enough, the Saipan Hotel, which is only 10 minutes away from the airport, is also a good choice. The biggest feature of the hotel is that all rooms have sea view rooms.

銆€銆€The Mariana area, which belongs to Saipan, has always been known for its colorful celebrations, which attract visitors from all over the world.

For example, the Mariana International Cuisine/Beer Festival in the United States Memorial Park Antiques in May and June each year is the traditional prelude to the Northern Mariana Tourism Month.

During the festival, visitors will have the opportunity to sample local snacks and international food prepared by the island’s top chefs; enjoy the local band’s performances throughout the night and dance easily; and join locals to purchase local carvings.

Particularly striking is the cooking and cocktail contests during the festival, which have expanded in size and invited chefs from abroad to serve as judges.

There are traditional dances and costumes, exotic things and drinks, and local music, all of which make people feel like they have entered an old Mariana!

銆€銆€Now, the US government implements a visa-free policy for Chinese tourists entering Saipan.

Visitors only need to fill out the CBPI-94 and CBPI-736 forms to enter Saipan for sightseeing.

The 鈥淪hanghai-Saipan鈥?operated by Saipan Century Travel Company only takes more than three hours.

Saipan Century Tourism is part of Luen Thai Enterprises Co., Ltd., which invests cross-industry in the world. It operates charter operations and ground handling services from Shanghai to Saipan and is considered to be the leading travel company for Micronesia in the Chinese market.

Saipan Century Travel Company is actively exploring the 鈥淏eijing-Saipan鈥?direct flight charter business, with a view to providing greater convenience to Saipan tourism in Beijing and the North.

In China, Century Travel has prepared a selection of 5-day and 6-day trips for Chinese tourists.

Saipan’s long-standing warm waters, colorful coral reefs and crystal clear blue lagoons, coconut trees and white sandy beaches make for a beautiful island scenery, which has become an emerging holiday paradise for Chinese residents!