[Can I drink oats to lose weight?]

May 15, 2020 TcarTtB

[Can I drink oats to lose weight?]

[Can I drink oats to lose weight?]

Oatmeal is a kind of food that we usually eat. Oatmeal is a coarse grain and rich in supplementary fiber. It is good for the body to eat oatmeal regularly. It can play a good role in preventing some gastrointestinal diseases. At the same time,Oatmeal also has a certain weight loss effect, it can promote detoxification, can promote a slight metabolism, and it has a certain feeling of fullness, which can avoid overeating.

Can drinking oats reduce weight?
Dietary fiber is rich. Because oat contains a high proportion of fiber, it can help insert moisture absorption and prevent and impurities, speed up interaction and peristalsis, reduce energy absorption, and reduce weight.

2. A lot of high but full satiety oats are high in calories, about 350 calories for 100 grams, but the dietary fiber contained in oats is very high. Generally, you will feel fullness when brewing or cooking a spoonful.Therefore, although the oatmeal is temporarily high, it absorbs a small amount and is not easy to be hungry. Eating oatmeal helps to lose weight.

The effect of oat weight loss is actually not obvious. Oatmeal can achieve weight loss by increasing satiety, but it also takes a long time to play the cutting.

According to diet experts, it takes about 30 days to see a slight weight loss effect when eating oats every day. If you want to see a significant weight loss effect, you need to stick to it for 3 months to half a year. Of course, this period is normal.Diet and exercise situations.

And it is not advisable to eat nothing except oats during this period. This is unscientific.

The effect of oat weight loss will vary from person to person. Whether you can lose weight by eating oats depends on your blood type and is not suitable for consuming more oatmeal foods.

If you have type A blood, you should eat more oats to help improve your metabolism. However, if you are a person with type B or AB blood, you should eat less oats, because it is easy to cause weight gain.

It doesn’t matter if you have type O blood, as long as you don’t eat too much, it will not affect weight loss.