[Doesn’t it hurt to eat eggs after caesarean section]_Cesarean section_Danger

May 18, 2020 夜网

[Doesn’t it hurt to eat eggs after caesarean section]_Cesarean section_Danger

[Doesn’t it hurt to eat eggs after caesarean section]_Cesarean section_Danger

Eggs are one of the more common ingredients in our daily life. There are many ways to make eggs. Different methods, or different ingredients, can be used to make a variety of cuisines, and the nutrition of eggs is different.The fact that the wound does not become inflamed after a cesarean section is actually not much related to eating the egg itself. There are many reasons for the inflammation of the wound, not necessarily related to the egg.

After the cesarean section, many patients are worried that inflammation will occur if they are not taken care of properly. If the incision is inflamed, it will be a painful thing, and the mother will have to go back and forth to the hospital.

Everyone must wear a corset when nursing the incision, and the clothes must be breathable and not stuffy. It is best to keep them quiet without too much movement.

One of the causes of wound infections is because of bacterial infections, so you must pay special attention when you are nursing the wound. You must not touch the water source, and you cannot touch it with your own hands. If you need to change the wound,Medicine, then you need to disinfect your hands first, do not use contaminated drugs, otherwise it will cause infection.

Therefore, if you have inflammation after the perinatal period, eating eggs will not help you prevent inflammation. It is mainly to stay away from bacteria to prevent inflammation.

However, during the recovery period of caesarean section, it is better for everyone to eat less eggs, because the protein content of eggs is high, and the mother is weaker after birth due to the essence and blood.

Therefore, it may be worse in digestion. Eating more eggs will lead to the emergence of Xiao Hu. So it is best to eat eggs after your body recovers.

After a caesarean operation, everyone must remember to put on a corset. This is to promote the healing of your wound. Because the incision is in the abdomen, you can’t maintain an upright sleeping position all day, so wearing a corset can avoid yourself.When you move the wound, you must choose a good breathability for the abdomen. If it is too stuffy, it will cause a wound infection.

After the caesarean section, the mother must be rested, but during this period, the child needs to be cared for, so it is best to eat more milk during this period.

Also, when feeding your child for the first time, the nipples are very painful. Be sure to make some psychological preparations, and also prevent your nipples from becoming inflamed, and prepare some anti-galactorrhea pads.